Targeted local advertising: why you need it

7th September 2017

Targeted advertising is in the ascendancy, but ensuring its reliable and not just algorithmically driven is key

TARGETED Advertising has been the seminal buzzword for marketers for the last few years, ensuring though that it is content and geographically driven is key.

Whether your business has decided to remain loyal to traditional means of advertising as they evolved, or migrated to more nascent forms of publicising your business, optimisation and compromise has been fraught and prevalent.

Through the harnessing of the latest addressable and programmatic technology you can ensure that more seasonal, transient ad campaigns can still carry the memorability and instant impact that has stifled brands recently.

For that instant response in the past, businesses have looked to stereotypes and focus groups to establish branding cues, timing of delivery and placement for scale and reach, in an increasingly transparent placement landscape though, such compromise is becoming obsolete.

Roku have become the latest company to provide more sophisticated and program-driven advertising, ensuring that your business is not aligned to inappropriate content.

Whether that be content that could besmirch the name of your company, or simply not compliment your advertising creative, such software seeks to align consumers with material that genuinely interests them.

Thus as you cultivate your advertising creatives to compliment your overall brand, focusing on the individual interests that will interest your consumers will ensure perfect symmetry between the mindset of your customers and your business.

Given the fact that Facebook continues to be complicit to its own deceptive directives when it comes to transparency and services, utilising either linear TV, VOD or other services ensures inherent transparency and exception in TV’s case from any costly litigation.

With advertising that you choose to display locally, from a psychological perspective at least without such credibility and protection that utilising TV provides, you are more conveniently at the mercy of your consumer base.

Through locally interpolated targeted advertising, your business can ensure of the credibility to succeed.
Through locally interpolated targeted advertising, your business can ensure of the credibility to succeed.

Should you for instance be issued with complaints or be in breach of certain advertising standards, you risk both reputational and financial damage to your business, negating any savings you may have made through not using TV.

Although using VOD is not officially under the legal jurisdiction of clearance, it is advised to ensure implementation.

While of course local targeted advertising may not seem like a pre-requisite as you look to either brand build or elicit behaviour-based response, but it is intrinsically vital to the efficient indexing of your consumers, regardless of whether it is response-driven or not.

Whether you are retailer for instance, or any kind of company that has nationwide premises, the need to mitigate any doubt in your consumers mind is manifest.

With services like Roku or programmatic software that can now also be integrated into linear TV, you can ensure of complete advertising autonomy and transparency.

Knowing which channels are of interest – from both and convenience and gratification perspective – and where exactly those consumers will be viewing your ads, ensures that you can systematically nurture a CRM that reflects your KPIs and facilitates the opportunity to adjust them based on your performance.

When compared to other audience segments that you may have used for the same creative, but in different areas; perhaps to differing ad content, you can establish where resonance is struck and how you can improve your display in the future.

Through online only you are immediately inhibited – with the exception of mobile – in terms of your ability to target personal devices.

Through connecting with devices that are linked to wi-fi, ensure they are linked to permanent devices like TV to provide optimum targeting.
Through connecting with devices that are linked to wi-fi, ensure they are linked to permanent devices like TV to provide optimum targeting.

Given the fact that tablets and lap tops for instance can be used by multiple individuals in multiple locations, it can be difficult to specifically strike the personal resonance required when attempting to exploit targeted ads.

Through the showcasing qualities required at convenience when targeting online, not having intrinsic convenience will stymie your overall campaign.

Thus in order to maximise your local targeted output you have to reiterate emotion, ensuring that the emotive language is generic, but can be easily interchangeable visually in order for you to convey more personal messages; imperative for indexing and improving affirmation.

Despite the deceit of Facebook and their selling of ad space to individuals that do not even exist, the ability to target those based on location, behavioural habits and demographics, ensures it offers a complimentary partner to your TV or VOD video advertising.

With companies like FuboTV offering cohesively linked solutions for all your TV, online and mobile audience segmenting, you have the facility to separate your campaigns between location and individuals when necessary.

As a result, through targeted local advertising your business can enjoy the inherent credibility of TV, with the device protection that you can elicit by delivering your campaigns locally.

Space City has been producing TV, online and radio commercials for 25 years, working with companies like Sky and Guerillascope to provide localised solutions that deliver based on consumer search impulse.

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