Tech innovations have enhanced TV ads

2nd February 2017

TECH Innovations within ad display, distribution and measurability have made TV even more effective at cutting your advertising costs than ever.

Since the introduction of on-demand channels and software for viewers to take TV with them, beyond traditional means, advertising has become 9 per cent more effective.

This incorporates all manner of KPIs including, website impressions, engagement, sales, sign-ups and subscriptions.

Amid the growth in online innovations, usability and tech that has been made available to improve advertising as a whole, TV has reaped the greatest benefits.

Ironically amidst the growth of online and its desire to accrue market share from TV, it has only assisted it in becoming a more effective, usable and diverse and measurable resource for businesses.

Although online has enjoyed continued growth over the last five years, it has exploited the relative decline in print and outdoor advertising revenues.

Outdoor advertising has been declared in research by the IPA as being the least trustworthy, while TV is the most trusted medium by the public.

TV's enduring dependability has been boosted by tech.
TV’s enduring dependability has been boosted by new tech.

Online’s facility, which measure’s impressions and engagement has enabled TV to become far more of viral entity.

Content original to TV which is consumed in greater mass than other platforms organically, can therefore utilise its scale to share and display the ad online and across social media.

Given that 87% of all consumed video across an average day is viewed on TV, to use any other medium as that initial sales uptake and brand awareness stimulant would not be cost-effective.

This gross figure has been enhanced by the emergence of on-demand television, which has only aided TV’s short-term effectiveness notwithstanding the already imperious long-term sales reach.

Within further studies by the IPA, within continuous campaigns lasting three years, TV maintained and grew profits across those three-year periods by 140%.

During the same period all other entities either witnessed reductions in profits or only nominal gains.

Interactive tech though that has enabled TV to become more cost effective, accessible and accountable amid the data driven world, has stimulated TV and enabled its evolution and growth potential.

Sky AdSmart and addressable advertising which uses in-house, in-turn with sub-contracted online tech has ensured that TV can increase its inventory.

As a result, with greater levels of data and more specific figures to boot, TV is offering the most cost effective return on investment, as well as the measurability of online.

This is not a direct threat to online as it seeks to grow its own reach and relevance, but simply ensures advertising as a whole is entering an abundant and lucrative new era, with more companies finding resonance with the more diverse world of advertising.

Tech evolution has made TV advertising more accessible.
Tech evolution has made TV advertising more accessible.
Tech evolution has made TV advertising more accessible.
Tech evolution has made TV advertising more accessible.

With the scale of advertising as a whole increasing and TV’s enduring longevity only being aided, as the data driven ability to track and maintain engagement with potential consumers for longer grows, any losses in ad revenue over the coming year due to a lack of market confidence will be more than offset by the gains from new brands.

Of course this in itself may be a slightly pessimistic outlook on the approaches of existing major ad spenders, with spending as a result of previous periods of uncertainty vindicated by brand response TV advertising.

While this approach is not cheap and highly contentious given the more transient approach to advertising, it is cost-effective as aforementioned.

Overall the developments in automation and measuring tech are continuing to make TV more accessible and cost effective.

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