The trend you can trust: Addressable advertising

24th November 2016

ADDRESSABLE Advertising is the latest trend to sweep the market, although this is one not to be dismissed.

This technique essentially allows brands to buy specific audiences and extract airtime from their viewing trends.

Previously media buyers would acquire airtime for companies based on specific channels and shows.

Having a far more flexible metric of delivering a successful advertising program ensures that business have the ability to broaden their own understanding of their customers and what, when, where and why they are engaging with a given programme in the first place.

Objectifying the market to such an extent has already created scepticism in some quarters as to the ability for broadcasters to manipulate figures.

Given the growing ability from the digital side of the market to expose such infidelity, there really is no incentive to manipulate figures given the extent of mistrust between marketeers and businesses at the current time.

Addressable advertising can generate the trust you need with customers.
Addressable advertising can generate the trust you need with customers.

In order to reestablish a culture of trust in the industry the need for a more flexible, niche friendly metric is imperative in order to bring the power back to the brands and away from the media buyers.

Thus with the power to control exactly where and when their adverts are broadcast, trust can grow once more organically using a medium that delivers transparency to the industry once more, after the ambiguous and erroneous figures and variability of online advertising.

Online does inherently have the ability to track individuals through their surfing habits; targeting them thereafter, although such a method is open to vast manipulation through views, click throughs and actual viewing.

Having a more linear platform which is inherently itself more difficult to infiltrate enables assurance in the investment your company may make, in the knowledge you are actually showcasing your product or service to your desired audience, in the right context.

In contrast with online it is far more difficult to ascertain and trust figures given devices being used by multiple individuals, with linear TV and catch-up TV being used invariably by the same quota of people.

When you couple this growth in trust in what you are delivering to your target audience, to a metric of analysing that enables you to save money and create a more lasting impact, the industry is already seeing the fight firmly taken to online and retargeting mechanisms.

Although the market share of addressable advertising in the UK at least is limited, while a level of scepticism in its viability exists, with it standing at just two per cent, in the USA its market share is already constituting more than 40 per cent of the TV market.

Being able to look further into figures can ensure more effective advertising.
Being able to look further into figures can ensure more effective advertising.

Given the fact that this technique had similar levels of success to the UK less than two years ago, the upward trend is something to be used as an incentive to improve the transparency of the TV advertising market in Britain.

With that market improving by 60 per cent last year alone, it is a matter of time before it dictates the culture in the USA and the rest of world completely.

Scandinavia is already jumping on the addressable bandwagon, while given its emotive qualities and semantic traits to appeal to your target audience more directly, both brand and direct response mechanisms become easier to execute.

Overall the evolving nature of TV advertising and the industry as a whole ensures that your businesses need to find innovate new means to boost your profits: addressable TV advertising is the initiative to go by.

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