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23rd October 2017

Advertising is fraught with difficulty beyond just the quality of the advertising itself: our tips can ensure you deliver higher quality ads.

TIPS To produce indomitable advertising: it should not have to be gated; restricted: your advertising can be formidable with simple display tweaks.

Ultimately there is a gargantuan amount of due diligence to undertake before you submit your advertising campaigns for broadcast or online placement.

An increasingly perennial issue with online advertising and placement has been the issue regarding transparency.

Myriad businesses struggle to actually track where and who there ads are being displayed to; without such transparency or at least knowledge of actual consumption of the ad, the paradox surfaces as thus: businesses migrated to online for attribution and actionable data, yet the opacity has been perpetuated by complicity to a counter-intuitive sphere.

Although amidst a profusion of issues maligning online advertising, the other matter that is inhibiting ROI and advertising efficiency is timing.

Optimising timing for both TV and online

One of the tips for improving the quality of your advertising placement is to ultimately work around them.

In order to expedite preemptive advertising, myriad business look at marketing their brand when there is a known interest in something – through search for instance.

What is inhibiting businesses like yours in this instance is when the display of your ads is occurring – ultimately you have no control, unless there is a concerted attempt at placement to compliment moods and lifestyle.

This ultimately juxtaposes the idiosyncratic ideals of the pioneers of truly addressable programmatic – something that could circumvent traditional placed advertisements to steal a march and lower budgets.

Ultimately what has proliferated though has been the opposite; increasing costs, opacity and declining consumer trust.

While opacity persists, it is integral that you appeal to appraised consumer bases - one of our top tips.
While opacity persists, it is integral that you appeal to appraised consumer bases – one of our top tips.

The tips to avoid this, yet deliver the sales increases and data that you crave, would be to influence mood in this instance through is to not use this at all.

What would be preferable in this instance is to become an influencer; focus on brand and not on response necessarily.

Consumers are not receptive to being sold to either on TV or online, thus becoming a voice of information and guidance is imperative.

The instigation of a consumer journey is key as you look to gather the relevant consumers into your sales funnel, before separating these consumers utilising the latest CRM means – utilising Blockchain for instance.

With TV and VOD this in inherently easier; you can compliment a consumer who is cognitively disposed to being entertained, informed and enlightened, while the issue of convenience and fraud continues to blight online.

By utilising programmatic on TV and online you can target identical consumer segments to ensure that you can maintain a relevant advertising output – and not annoy them.

The ultimately advertising nirvana will be to ensure of proactive, reactive adverts; ones that are set to be inserted server-side.

Google – despite their opacity – are striving to provide TV like display for online, as well as currently linear TV advertising outputs.

Whether it is previously purchased or auction won airtime, the new software can ensure that consistent omni-platform rollouts can occur.

How to optimise display

With the complimentary timing ascertained, the ultimate tips to accommodate an increasingly convergence centric industry are thus: consistency, conformity and diversity.

Advertising blog image
To achieve consistency you have to ensure that due diligence regarding display is completed beforehand – tips vital to adhere to.

Although not known for intertwining both display and creativity in the same motion, the advertising industry can utilise effective display to placate the creative cues that can ensure improved brand affirmation, notwithstanding lowered costs.

By preparing advertising creatives to conform generically you can save your business manifold sums of money, lowering budget and improving brand consistency.

Something that has pervaded many within the industry, including major brands like Ziffit, is poor quality display on TV.

This alone is damaging to your brand as a point of authority and transparency – you could incur the litigation from the ASA.

Although online is currently exempt from such procedure, your business needs TV or VOD to prepare ads that will be legally astute and trustworthy online.

Ensuring that your video aspect ratios and end boards are in alignment is crucial, while having a knowledge of how to manipulate this for online avenues is imperative as you look to compliment the display enjoyed by your other channels.

Consistency is one of the paramount tips you can heed; with most transmissions now offering the same cost for HD ad delivery compared to lower definition, it is imperative you utilise this for all your marketing.

Brand has never been enforced by the inconsistencies and opacity of online thus far, but with more generic advertising that is implemented to compliment the consumer, your business can instil an inclusive and consistent advertising platform that can organically increase sales.

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