Top 5 most memorable Sponsorship Bumpers

5th December 2015

Anybody who watched TV will have, at some point, seen a sponsorship bumper. Often referred to as simply “bumpers” or “bumps”, they are a short 10-20 second advert, nestled between the show and the ad break, for a brand that is sponsoring the TV show you are watching. They appear before, during and after many of our most loved TV shows and you may now be so used to them that you don’t even realise there is an advert there, which is what makes them so effective.

Brands that sponsor popular TV shows get their sponsorship bumpers played usually for around 15 seconds at the beginning of the show, 10 seconds coming in and out of advert breaks and about 10 seconds at the end of the show. That is 4 opportunities to get your brand into the minds of the viewers. Creating short bumpers that stick in the mind of the viewer is not easy but Space City are experts in this field and we can help you to create a sponsorship bumper which will become just as memorable as these 5 favourites.

Talk Talk and X Factor

The X Factor attracts millions of viewers each week and its long-term sponsor, Talk Talk has prime time viewing for their sponsorship bumpers, which run throughout the twice-weekly show. The bumper recently has turned interactive as the company invite viewers to upload videos of themselves singing to their website for the chance to appear in the iconic adverts. Thus, not only generating brand awareness through the ad but also gaining extra footfall to the website.

Iceland and I’m a Celeb

The frozen food chain Iceland has sponsored I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here since it was first launched. The brand’s sponsorship bumpers have included previous contestants of the show such as Peter Andre, Jason Donovan and Kerry Katona – keeping them relevant and relatable. The bumpers also nicely link in to the theme of the show with jungle music and voiceovers. I’m a Celeb just wouldn’t be the same without these bumpers now.

Cadbury’s and Coronation Street

Who doesn’t love a bit of Corrie and who doesn’t love a bit of chocolate? Although Coronation Street is no longer sponsored by Cadbury’s, the two made a perfect partnership for quite some time. Cadbury’s bumpers changed depending on the day of the week they were shown, allowing them to showcase several of their products. The tagline for Crunchie being “that Friday feeling” was worked wonderfully into Friday’s episode bumpers, making it one that stuck in the nation’s minds.

Insure&Go and Sky Snow Report

Insure & Go have had several sponsorship bumpers shown over the years. They sponsored Richard Hammond’s daytime TV show on ITV and more memorably the Sky Snow Report. The latter sponsorship bumper was created by Space City and was used to promote the companies travel insurance using the image of a skier. The placement during the snow report was very apt and was intended to encourage viewers to link the brand with that type of weather.

Tombola and Emmerdale

The online bingo site, Tombola, sponsors another of Britain’s most loved soaps, Emmerdale. This specific sponsorship bumper features real players set in a rural landscape, which ties nicely in with the show it is sponsoring.

If you’re interested in any aspect of TV advertising, simply pick up the phone and speak to one of our professional advisors, who will be more than happy to talk you through your options. Whether you choose to go with bumpers or not, you’re sure to see results with Space City’s assistance!

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