Trend Adoption is Imperative to Success

6th February 2017

TREND Adoption and maximisation is the most effective means of evolving with the ever-changing world of TV advertising.

Amidst the rapid rise in interactive, addressable and programmatic advertising, businesses are continuously needing to address their advertising strategies, with new innovations increasingly dominating the advertising landscape.

Interactive advertising itself grew in consumption by 65 per cent last year alone, with the volumes of data, measurability and automation available to media buyers unparalleled.

With more cost effective means of advertising available to businesses and campaigns, as they look to expose their product or services to the right individuals, often the right approach is not be executed.

For instance during the recent US Presidential election, Hillary Clinton’s team adopted a more archaic, three-year-old style which could offer geographical information on where to target; crucially though not how to target them.

Donald Trump though opted for a more innovative and contemporary system that was firmly in its embryonic stage, focusing more on why viewers were not interacting with previous campaigns.

By utilising more critical software, a new trend can lead to your brand cruising to profit.
By utilising more critical software, a new trend can lead to your brand cruising to profit.

Therefore by investing more in inventory and levels of granular data that were transparent, Trump established to just where he had to ply more funds, but how he did.

The more ambiguous offering from Clinton’s analytics and buying software, which was more leant to addressable advertising and lower scale, minimised the overall effectiveness of the campaign by the lack of shift from cheaper data solutions.

Although this presented their campaign with data that was specific and on the face of things, it ultimately meant the shift that was needed to appeal to those who were not enchanted before was not clear in data offered.

This is underlined through the minimal losses in key states that Clinton wanted to target in her campaign- in both instances losing by under 50,000 votes.

With programmatic techniques also utilised in the losing campaign, with only 4 per cent of spend accounted to addressable, Clinton was too dependent on traditional, outdated metrics of advertising.

By dismissing fresh, refined techniques towards the wherewithal of their campaign direction, Clinton was ultimately forced into mass media buying which brought specific shows, more inclined to voters she sought.

However given the fact that the latest US marketing trend at ComScore was utilised, not only was the data available to the Trump campaign of where he needed to target, but how.

The receptiveness of those targeted could be measured as a result of this increased spend and whether resonance was struck, not whether view-ability was high.

Maximising this current trend and the latest innovations within the global and national advertising world is imperative.

Ad innovations in terms of delivery, automation, analysis and accountability now enjoy at least an annual cycle, therefore your brand cannot buy media at least in the same regard as the year before.

The chasm that continues to exist between TV advertising and utilising it omni-platform is vast.

A new trend can elevate your brand to being a market leader and innovator.
A new trend can elevate your brand to being a market leader and innovator.

As 87% of all video remains on TV, your brand’s potential to maximise a trend which could potential be monetised and measured utilising the analytic metrics that now exist, your scope to increase your sales potential to new highs has never been more evident.

Thus to maximise reach in 2017 and beyond, adopting a trend which can measure how consumers react to ad and brand will ensure that you can have complete autonomy within advertising.

Benefits of in-house analytics systems, or ad-production, regardless of company size is ultimately limiting inventory, reach and the ability to make your ad shareable beyond the realms of TV.

Space City ensures that by keeping all staff and facilities in-house, notwithstanding the close relationships it enjoys with media buyers and regulators, your ad is best placed to establish itself.

A new trend is appearing more often amidst the rise in analytic and automation software, ensuring media buying and creative needs to be re-evaluated regularly.

Contact the team now and see how easy it can be to guarantee reaching your desired audience and beyond in 2017.




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