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Whether you want to advertise a niche product, or are well versed in TV advertising and just need a fresh perspective – Space City are experienced in all stages of production.

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What Is A Challenger Brand?

A challenger brand is a brand in an industry where it is neither the market leader nor a niche brand. Challenger brands are categorised by a mindset which sees they have business ambitions beyond conventional resources and an intent to bring change to an industry.

Challenger Brand Mission

According to The Challenger Project, these brands are “less about business enmity, and more about an often mission-driven desire to progress the category in some way in the customer’s favour.”

Challenger Brands VS Disruptor Brands

So what is a disruptor brand? A Disruptor brand is effectively a “game changer” in their sector. The brand have spotted a gap in the market and believe they can provide a more effective way of delivering the product or service, ultimately providing what the customer needs. To be a disruptor brand you may not need to be the first to do what you’re doing, however you’re attempting to ensure you’re the best at doing it.

Challenger Brands VS Disruptor Brands

Challenger brands should not be confused with disruptor brands, which are more focused on overtaking or becoming the market leader through a new or unique product or service offering. There are many examples of successful challenger brands out there. 

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Brand Building with Challenger Advertising

Challenger brand advertising success is achievable through brand building. This step is vital in the evolution of advertising your start up/challenger brand. Advertising as a challenger allows you opportunity and the freedom to be more creative, memorable and as a result successful than your competitors. Your smaller size company and lack of mid-level administrative ‘fluff’ also mean you can provide your customers with cost savings thanks to smaller overheads and allows you to react quickly to your customers needs and wants.

Space City & Challenger Brands, Start Ups & New To TV Businesses

Space City are experts at getting start ups and challenger brands off of the ground. In our experience dealing with company founders and owners makes for a swifter decision-making process. Being a Challenger brand advertising on TV means you can use your size as a competitive advantage. You can react quicker to client briefs, you get products to market faster and can respond to changing trends with a new product or service more quickly than competitors.

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Space City & Challenger/New To TV Clients

At Space City our creative output has always stood out in an already saturated market. Space City are experts at championing challenger brands and startups. We have worked with multiple challenger brands and startups that have gone onto become leading competitors in their sector. Ever heard of Moonpig, GoCompare and Envirofone? Space City helped put them on the map.

Space City Created The First Comparison Website Ad

We produced the first-ever TV advertising campaign for The first ever comparison website to exist and advertise on TV. The response was enormous, resulting in many other brands starting up and replicating the iconic mascot presenter style. Still today the simplicity of the ad is a benchmark for brands wishing to punch-through and take their place in a congested media environment.

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Check Out our recent TV commercial for the challenger brand – Feel Multivitamins

Recent Challenger Brands Space City Work With

Some current challenger brand marketing we have produced includes Insignia Showers, Feel Multivitamins, Serenata Flowers etc.

We work closely with our clients to focus their messaging. Whether they are a business with a niche product, (Night Sky, Dermatonics) or are well versed in TV advertising and just need a fresh perspective, (Jane Plan, Alzheimer’s Society, Virgin Experience Days, Wowcher etc. We are experienced in all aspects of production to help.

Check Out our recent TV commercial for the challenger brand – Serenata Flowers

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As you can see, we pride ourselves on many successful campaigns for challenger and start-up brands. We believe it allows our clients a great opportunity to take risks creatively to really put their brand on the map.

Available At Any Stage In The Project

If you’re looking for a TV advertising or a Video Production Company, even if you’re in the early stages, simply email contact us. All of Space City’s creative work is done free of charge, so there’s nothing to lose by having us pitch.

Check Out our two TV commercials for new to TV/start up brand – Insignia Showers

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