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20th January 2017

ADVERTISE With TV to grow your brand and immediate sales increases are possible:  A statement which is becoming increasingly common.

With the increasing desire to converge all elements of advertising, marketing in the case of businesses themselves, into one package or campaign, TV is following suit.

In the past production companies and agencies have presented the choice for businesses to take: whether to deliver a direct response campaign or a brand response campaign.

Direct response elicits the instant reaction from the consumer, but does not deliver the long-term brand affirmation and resonance that brand response enjoys.

However amidst a time where the consumer is dictating the course of how we advertise, the need to incorporate a service to the viewer itself is imperative in stimulating and engaging your audience.

Entertaining your audience is integral to how you advertise in 2017.
Entertaining your audience is integral to how you advertise in 2017.

Amid the growth of those who advertise online and the ability they have to saturate a targeted consumer with content, TV has the premise to fill a void paradoxically created by online, assisting TV.

Ad avoidance mechanisms have been implemented and are now a commercial venture, notwithstanding the inherent inability online has in producing long form, high quality that engages the consumer.

Therefore the impetus from TV has to be one of engaging and entertaining the consumer.

Many new campaigns specialise in the abstract, or immerse the audience through realism; hard hitting ads which have rather downbeat undertones suffer more rejection.

The success of the these contrasting styles has been particularly felt through mass-market advertising of the Christmas period: breaking the impact barrier all-year-round is one of difficulty.

Affirming, emotive ads such as the ever-successful John Lewis Christmas campaigns have garnered immense commercial growth as a result; replicating though is a tact not to be taken.

Encapsulating the topic of this piece though is to reiterate the need to converge all resources available to you-on and offline as you advertise.

As a result of online analytic metrics and how TV ads as well as ads in general have fared in terms of being shared, therefore exposed to a wider market, humour has been the tact currently favoured.

Five out of the ten most shared ads online over the first two weeks of January 2017 have been humour based.

In the pursuit of entertaining and not just story telling as brands advertise, the growing precedent has been to create a different kind of connotation that consumers will associate with your brand.

TV ultimately offers the premise to advertise in a fashion where aesthetics, clarity and trust can be generated with the consumer.

The aesthetic detail that can be generated through TV ensures it is vital to advertise on it.
The aesthetic detail that can be generated through TV ensures it is vital to advertise on it.

Given the growth of brands’ abilities to analyse and assess when it may be appropriate to broadcast to desired audiences, general direct response ads are being moulded into a combination of both brand and direct response.

Therefore with more sophisticated targeting, even with lower budgets, brands’ now have the ability to situate and market their business identity in such a fashion that running separate campaigns is obsolete.

The stimulus to initially launch your long-term vision and short-term sales resonates from TV.

By having an autonomous view to your overall marketing strategy you can cost-effectively deliver a campaign that suits your budget, the imperative stage is generating that initial attraction from TV.

Space City are specialists in producing bespoke TV ads for any budgetary requirement, experts in generating direct and brand response commercials that are have generated up to six-fold sales growth.

Contact the team now and find that to advertise with Space City is the catalyst for your brand becoming a household name.




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