TV can still offer consumers greater clarity over online

14th November 2016

Consumers will always strive for clarity and coherence from any advert and with high dynamic range (HDR), TV and Space City still have the upper hand.

With the drive from companies to utilise more emotive techniques when producing commercials, appeals to the senses, especially visual for TV have resulted in a necessity for advertisers to try to enhance visual quality, depth and detail.

This has been utilised by many within the industry on a technical level, but at the expense of cost increases past onto the client.

Space City's expertise and state of the art software ensure your consumers are always number one.
Space City’s expertise and state of the art software ensure your consumers are always number one.

By using exterior facilities rather than their own high quality results can be achieved in increasing range, but now Space City has the means of producing such quality on a budget: with the installation of a Davinci resolve system across all of its editing software.

Having such means at convenient disposal not only will result in reduced overheads for the business in question, but also save time and logistical costs, ensuring that your next commercial can be produced more quickly, efficiently as well as cost effectively.

In contrast online is struggling to keep up at the current time with Youtube unable to facilitate ubiquitous access to marketeers, with only those with HDR compatible TVs able to exact the maximum from the higher quality videos.

Those with the means to appreciate this are not going to cover the demographics of a majority of company’s consumers, rendering the merits of producing online only ads in the short term at least redundant.

Therefore to maximise such software and ensure its cost effectiveness when being produced, TV is still immeasurably the strongest commercial and emotional platform to maximise this new technology.

Space City are at one with nature and your consumers.
Space City are at one with nature and your consumers.

However a caveat to this should be maintained: that with the technological capabilities of 4K software should not be ignored when the message of an ad is focused at direct response call to action mechanisms.

With the ability to stream and watch 4K enhanced ads across all platforms, Space City can offer this alternative to combine these technologies to produce online supplements to a HDR enhanced TV ad.

As the technology proliferates into ubiquity, the increased bandwidth of 4k will ensure that it will lose favour with most producers in time, enabling HDR to usurp its current market favourability as greater quality can be processed for a fraction of the cost, storage space and time.

Although in time HDR will become more of the mainstream, mobilise your company’s commercial clout now for less with Space City: offering proven quality and versatility without compromise.



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