TV is the undisputed ad sales generator

10th May 2017

YOUR Sales generator is the manufactured stimuli for growth, how it has been utilised by many is fundamentally flawed and inhibiting sales growth.

While online advertising continues to grow and scale new heights, TV continues to provide the greatest levels of instant and long term sales.

Varying interpretations of data have been open to mass conjecture, however the ultimate panacea to your advertising decision making should be based on ultimate success and how other bodies seek to improve their scale and reach.

Of all website visits, 69% are generated by paid media and of those 47% are generated by TV advertising.

Given that TV now only accounts for 33% of advertising spending, there is still clear waste in many businesses’ ad expenditure.

This is has been precipitated in some regards by the levels attribution on offer from online, notwithstanding the actionable data that can be harvested in realtime.

Having such a versatile means of sales generation has lead to many migrating to solely online outputs, with spending increases slowing down.

However there is no greater justification for choosing TV than the actions of those who desire either instant awareness and reach more than any entity.

On a domestic level, the leading political parties continue to plaster our television screens with broadcasts as appose to online video campaigns, utilising airtime that follows the national news.

By using TV as your sales generator you can achieve unrivalled scale and reach.
By using TV as your sales generator you can achieve unrivalled scale and reach.

At a time when the marriage between ads and media it is associated with is becoming ever more pivotal when looking to automate and display your ads, no greater endorsement is prevalent than the countries politicians as they look to generate mass awareness.

Moreover TV provides both the ability to elicit instant sales uplifts, but also the brand awareness that will provide the most upscaling post-ad, ensuring your ad spend if more efficient and goes beyond simply the paid-for-clicks that online provides.

Thus as a generator of interest and as mobilising force behind your brand, TV cannot be ignored, especially given the fact that it also is used by the very online entities that are believed to offer the most effective advertising platform.

Facebook for instance continue to increase their TV advertising presence, while Twitter’s was less and its own ad revenues have dipped as a result.

Social media lives on the purchase of ads- TV does too, but as video-only medium, it is associated with quality, credible and regulated video and the clamour for your content, including Facebook, Twitter and the political elite, to be associated with it has been manifest.

Your generator of instant success or brand awareness should only be TV as you seek to optimise ROI and KPI achievement.

TV comprises of 41% of an average person’s daily media consumption, compared to just 8% with social media.

Although statistics continue to swell more favourably towards that of the latter and online as a whole, it is the multiplier effect that TV offers as you seek to upscale and absorb as many free, organic impressions that online and other media does not offer.

While online display, automation and sophistication continues to improve as it offers more interactive and complimentary content driven to consumer’s needs, the disruptive element of it consigns it to secondary status behind TV.

Considering only one in seven online PPC ads are actually consumed and TV continues to offer a more habitually inherent advertising premise, online video does not carry the leverage, especially given the latest extremist content scandal.

Steps have been made to protect the integrity of businesses as they utilise their content online, with YouTube already employing views quotas to stymie extremists’ efforts of propagating their vitriol.

With online strengthening its resolve, your TV advertising can be more effective online.
With online strengthening its resolve, your TV advertising can be more effective online.

For instance TV’s more accepted advertising presence ensures that it is not only more credible in a regulatory sense, it is also the most dependable medium.

As your primary generator of sales it does not suffer from the disruptive ailing that online does, with ad avoidance disprovable.

BBC broadcasts for instance will witness an average of 13% time-shifting, while commercial TV witnesses exactly the same volume of channel swapping mid-broadcast.

Therefore with no justification from a display and consumption point-of-view to remove your ads from TV, coupled to the fact that 90% of all viewed video originating from TV, the justification from shifting from this platform is redundant.

Overall though despite the distorting of factual construing from both sides of the TV/online advertising debate, the facts remain thus: if you seek to increase your sales figures for the lowest possible price TV remains your staple.

It provides 15% more efficiency than even online PPC, while such campaigns delivered for a period of three years provide long-term profit increases of 140%.

Space City has been producing TV, online and radio commercials for 25 years, being named as the UK’s number one producers of cost-effective TV commercials.

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