TV lowers advertising costs with latest tech

1st June 2017

TV has been playing erstwhile catch-up to online and its ability to target and automate campaigns, now TV advertising budget can finally be lowered

TV Advertising can fight back against the relentless onslaught it has faced from the measurability, automation and data provided by online, through lowering the costs of TV advertising.

The Manchester (UK)-based company believes its latest innovation and collaboration will be the catalyst towards an increase in linear TV media buying, by providing greater efficiency and automation with ad delivery.

Having provided the analytics for TV campaigns delivered by Guerillascope, Adalyser would previously have provided detailed breakdowns of a campaign’s cost-per-click, cost-per-impression, impression-per-lead and most efficient channels for instance.

After the conception of fresh collusion with CARIA(R) and their process of copy rotation with the media owner, the least performing creative direction you may be delivering will be autonomously rotated in real-time, ensuring that only the optimal spots are being played out on the most successful channels.

As a result, in turn with being able to analyse the success of campaigns in a granular fashion post-campaign, you can be secure in the knowledge that underperforming creatives will be consigned to your most inefficient channels.

During an interview with Space City, Sales Director for Adalyser, David Cloudsdale felt that linear TV would be mobilised by the programmatic advertising solutions on offer.

Mr.Cloudsdale informed us: “Knowing they can optimise TV, more businesses are and will be comfortable with TV again, aware that the power is firmly placed back in the hands of the business and the creative.

Innovations by Adalyser ensure Google could be under threat from TV once again, with businesses tipped to return.
Innovations by Adalyser ensure Google could be under threat from TV once again, with businesses tipped to return.

“Whether you are new to advertising, TV or have only used online previously, all the measurement that is being undertaken will ensure the numbers using TV will be dialed up once more.

“Online businesses are the largest buyers of TV ad time, knowing that TV provides the most effective means of increasing awareness and online activity.”

While the service can provide added efficiency, transparency and automation – ensuring expedient advertising campaigns – facilitating a more impressionable audience and providing savings is the imperative for many businesses.

The Adalyser sales director added: “The service provides a delta that updates in real-time, providing a comparison between before than copy was rotated, after, as well as whether there was no change at all.

“The data breakdown provided will showcase when and where the copy was rotated, a day and week comparison, a channel appraisal and figures relating to the overall optimisation.

“Within the test with GoCompare we utilised four separate creatives; the budget was never changed and cannot be, simply it was shifted around to optimise spend.

“They found their spending efficiency improved by 18% as a result of our trail, while the cost-per-referral fell by 15%.”

The automated, programmatic advertising solutions offered by Adalyser have ensured businesses can save money with TV.
The automated, programmatic advertising solutions offered by Adalyser have ensured businesses can save money with TV.

The calibration between Adalyser themselves, CARIA(R) and in the instance of the trail with GoCompare, Sky Media, Carat, Optimad and Media Ocean, ensured an interface that interacted directly with the media.

It is the intention of the company to roll out the technology full-time by the end of the year, ensuring businesses can enjoy all the benefits of automation, added efficiency and more granular data, without the pitfalls of online.

Moreover with the news that Adobe will be launching their own Advertising Cloud, Adalyser have confirmed they would be happy work with them to provide increased efficiency and optimisation.

In its primitive form Adalyser provides its services by installing a tracking pixel to a website, before proceeding to draw comparisons between the myriad KPIs before, during and after a campaign has been delivered.

Despite TV providing 51% of all ad-derived sales increases in 2016, it accounts for just 36% of average budgets.

Therefore businesses can now expect considerable savings from across linear TV advertising, ensuring campaigns can be optimised more swiftly and at a reduced cost.

Space City continues to use Adalyser for all its own TV advertising analysis, cementing conversion increases of 72% and a higher cost-per-lead ratio than that of online.

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