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1st February 2017

UK Forecast growth has been revised down slightly for 2017, although this does not mean you have to lower your advertising budget.

Advertising costs are highly variable, depending on creative and the amount of media bought for the commercial in question.

However in the midst of a Brexit transition period ensuing for the UK, the need to be able to target more specific demographics and individuals is integral.

Addressable advertising is a burgeoning trend which in turn with interactive ads and Sky AdSmart is opening new doors to companies who have not previously advertised.

In addition amidst the growing onus on the corporate sector and innovation, with multiple investments from overseas incentivising research, niche products and services may find TV advertising is facilitated in the UK for them.

Targeting such specific industries and decision makers who could find relevance to such products or services, can now be targeted and accounted to TV.

Addressable advertising can now be exploited in a post-brexit UK.
Addressable advertising can now be exploited in a post-Brexit UK.

Addressable advertising is ultimately the optimisation of targeting, ensuring that only pay for the individuals or spots that are genuinely relevant.

Online advertising already provides the granular data that is making marketeers, businesses and advertiser’s lives easier in terms of accountability and measuring the success of their ad.

Display though and actual consumption of ads online has lead to digital buying becoming an erroneous pursuit as a singular entity.

Ad fraud and the inability to gauge the level of display an ad has achieved only has inhibited niche brands as they look to enter the world of advertising.

Fraud in digital advertising has reached record levels (close to $50 billion) with resources intuitively learning fresh means of troubleshooting the fraudsters sooner.

With TV though, the guaranteed dependability and reliability in terms of delivering on sales and achieving your KPIs is unparalleled.

Cost effectiveness has never been in question with TV, however post-Brexit, the premise for smaller private companies offering niche services relating to the corporate or innovation sector is now enacted.

Mass media buying in previous periods of financial turbulence has remained robust and the most efficient source of brand and sales growth and that will continue.

Online and TV’s growing co-dependancy on one another’s success ensures that both mass and addressable advertising can maintain impact and relative growth.

With TV offering the measurability and and data that businesses have been spoilt with using online advertising, cost-effectiveness and engagement can be married within UK advertising.

Therefore even if other businesses- start-up, SME or major corporation, decide to scale back their ad spending slightly, this will be more than offset by the premise new entities have to enter advertising.

Already amidst the emergence of addressable and Sky AdSmart- of those using these burgeoning adverting channels, 75% of them are new to TV advertising.

The growing use of more accountable TV advertising is good for UK business.
The growing use of more accountable TV advertising is good for UK business.

Thus TV advertising as a whole, when incorporating linear, addressable, interactive and programmatic will utilise the economic shift that Brexit is beginning to yield and mark a more accessible era for TV.

Addressable advertising has been growing around the globe over the last two years, with US spend expected to more than double this year.

This credible success, coupled with the more transparently measurable online display, ensures that TV and online can provide a lasting and cost-effective partnership.

Space City maximises its in-house facilities, staff and relationships with media buyers like Guerillascope and VCCP to provide a transparent and cost-effective solution for your brand.

The impetus in the growing innovation, research and corporate sectors ensures TV advertising remains the strongest form of marketing.

Contact the team now and see how your business can be safeguarded and grown despite uncertainty with Space City.


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