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5th May 2017

ETHICALLY The recent conduct by Facebook as it attempts to offer more specific means of targeting consumers and eliciting sales has been flawed and damaging to consumer trust.

At a time where consumer and business trust in advertising has been improving, the furtive means of operation from Facebook and the participating businesses will ultimately only serve the purpose for more transparency quicker.

Although ultimately advertising whether it be on TV or online is on a constant development curve, as it strives to reach transient perfection, the progress is dictated by technological and residual pressure within the industry.

Such furtiveness on Facebook’s part will only serve to inconvenience the industry as a whole, with consumers weariness inevitably reaching Facebook, after recent declinations in Twitter’s advertising revenues.

Furthermore with the clamour for instant commerce manifest, the investment needed to address the lack of transparency and trust through online will not online hurt digital advertising, but TV too.

While TV is an inherently strong advertising entity within itself, providing the greatest upscaling, reach and sales uplifts, it is perpetually nearly twice as stronger with online being utilised in tandem.

Therefore to be ethically mindful in your targeting execution online as well as off it will serve to increase trust, credibility and efficiency of both entities.

While your online campaigns may ail until such a time where Facebook increase real-time awareness notifications, alerting the web user of any potential observation of their profile, statuses, or even ‘moods’, focusing on the only effective and credible means of advertising will be prudent.

Working ethically using TV will ensure your campaign is underpinned with credibility,
Working ethically using TV will ensure your campaign is underpinned with credibility,

Although TV has struggled in the past to provide the granular data, more specific audience segmenting and automation of online, all have been addressed to offer matching strengths to online, while maintaining its superiority as the most credible, regulated means of showcasing your brand.

At a time where loyalty and brand awareness are becoming increasingly key in a long-term and short-term sense, ensuring your business is protected from such ethically construed implications is imperative.

Therefore as you seek to maximise both your online and TV based advertising campaigns, utilising the ubiquitous tools that Facebook provides; of which are firmly in the public domain and you can manipulate your consumers online experience, without being exploitative.

Ethically TV continues to go from strength-to-strength in comparison to online, the only misdemeanour regarding TV’s cross-selling of consumer data from Vizio was quell swiftly through a fine of more than £2 million, notwithstanding the PR blunting that ensued.

Thus TV with the statutory requirements it has to clear its ads before broadcast ensures that there is a subconscious acceptance as to the validity and credibility of TV advertising.

In contrast with the lack of statutory regulation within online ads, the deviousness- whether it be deliberate or not- is manifest in the continual lack of legal and ethical practise in such ads.

This week alone BGO entertainment was fined £300,000 due to the lack of diligence and rife inaccuracies, which were offered by the company as they sought to address three separate rogue ads.

Such damage to capital and reputation, notwithstanding the additional time that is spent investigating such poorly curated content, ensures that your company, especially if it is new to advertising on either online or TV, should utilise the latter to underpin your campaign.

By choosing online only, you risk your campaign being ethically flawed and your consumers walking away.
By choosing online only, you risk your campaign being ethically flawed and your consumers walking away.

The connotations of credibility and trust that are associated with such campaigns ensure that any potential website visitors as a result of your ad, can be subsequently retargeted through Facebook.

By utilising Facebook For Business you can systematically exploit either visitors to your own website, or those of your rivals, by offering alternative content that leaves the power of your creative leveraging your ad’s success.

Of course this provides you with the optimal premise to upscale your audience online, however TV itself can provide this solution within itself, by stimulating both increases in word-of-mouth interaction and organic online communication.

As a result, before such innovations where you can systematically target those who have been communicated to about your business and ad, focusing on delivering omni-platform content that can achieve viral attention online is integral.

You can achieve such advertising proliferation ethically through the concurrent retargeting of all viewers on Facebook or online as a whole to subconsciously stimulate their memories of your ad.

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