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20th June 2017

TECHNOLOGY Is continuing to evolve and provide advertising solutions that will soon eliminate ad wastage and provide a true marketing panacea.

Through the latest innovations and collaborations between Sky and Virgin Media; Adalyser, Optimad and Carat, notwithstanding Adobe, businesses and its cloud, your business can deliver truly targeted, pertinent ads that can emotively enchant consumers.

While the rise in programmatic has ensured businesses can be kept abreast of the success of differing creatives, why they may or may not be succeeding, as well as providing complete, realtime automation, technology is ensuring that you can optimise creatives before even sending them to broadcast.

Through Adobe’s latest software: Advertising Cloud TV, the eponymous tech giants will be able to evolve the burgeoning programmatic software into a perceptive piece of software, than the receptive.

Although the ground made in recent months by companies to Sky, Virgin Media and Adalyser as they strive to broaden TV’s appeal and relevance, Adobe’s latest interpretation of media buying software ensures initial costs, accountability and attribution can be reduced and optimised.

Moreover the very cloud that Adobe will harness to process data and align it to your media buying strategy ensures that it is a learning piece of software, something that will continue to build an evolving CRM and data pool for your business to implement.

Although the cost of utilising this software has yet to be disclosed, the ability to finally offer completely accountable, relevant TV advertising has been facilitated.

Having a knowledge of existing search trends – in turn with previous ones – ensures that your ads can be placed in front of the screens that will statistically elicit sales and brand affirmation hitherto seen online.

The latest technology from Adobe can be combined with other providers to deliver truly autonomous, maximised advertising.
The latest technology from Adobe can be combined with other providers to deliver truly autonomous, maximised advertising.

However with essentially the same ability to track, optimise and segment audiences to suit the individual requirements of the consumer as online, TV can provide the first advertising panacea.

Through blending the best of online and TV and optimising it in realtime, you will ensure that your business is satisfying and supplying consumers with ads that are both relevant, impactful and entertaining.

While certain online-only campaigns have delivered on the two of the three counts – impact omitted – they simply do not supply the upscaling and ability to resonate that TV does.

The mitigating variables that have always stymied and inhibited display, quality and true consumption may subside as improvements in device screen resolution and broadband speeds are made, but they will ultimately falter with quality, upscaling abilities and credibility.

Ad technology has continued to provide your business with the scope to improve accountability, measurability and growth, through more targeted, data driven ads that migrate more from just linear TV.

Although this means of advertising alone remains stronger than ever in terms of sales elicitation and sales, thanks to internal technological advancements, picture resolution and the complimentary impact both TV and online have on each other, impact alone has not been enough for advertisers.

Audience, understanding them and cultivating the qualitative and quantitative data that can facilitate proactive advertising, not reactive.

While overall spend in TV has remained strong, online’s surge to the top of ad spend has been sparked by the clamours for both attribution and expedience.

This of course does not necessarily elicit increased sales growth, improve brand retention, or credibility.

Through the technologies that Adobe are pioneering, audience is firmly being placed at the heart of advertising, with impact and understanding at the heart of providing a more complimentary ad experience.

Advertising satisfaction is reaching new-low-ebbs. Utilising the latest technology will serve create customer ad satisfaction.
Advertising satisfaction is reaching new-low-ebbs. Utilising the latest technology will serve create customer ad satisfaction.

The result of a recent US survey conducted by Adobe themselves has found that just 26% of TV ads are relevant to them.

Given the fact the 90% of all daily viewed media is on TV,  the scope to improve efficiency, spend and sales growth is stark.

With greater impetus on personal data and not necessarily device-driven-ads that have led to issues with relevance in online’s case in the past, the technology provided by Adobe ensures that the symmetry between TV and online is exacting.

As a result the stimulus your TV advertising supplies to your online channels is increased further, securing a fully autonomous and co-dependant platform for success.

Consequently the paradox is for both advertisers and businesses is that through working together and essentially sharing each-other’s data and knowledge, can serve to compromise your business, yet provide the most effective means of increasing success.

To optimise your ads organically and ensure you maximise this paradox, your business and production company will need firmly place the power back in the creative and the science behind it.

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