Use TV ads to improve online costs

22nd March 2017

TV Advertising has remained resolute and robust in the face of the relentless onslaught of online, especially now it is saving you on costs.

At point of purchase the cost of securing online ads of any kind are less than the seemingly exorbitant costs of TV.

This myth though is beginning to be unravelled as a manifest mistruth within the advertising market over the last few years, 2017 and beyond.

Analysis from Nielson has concluded that although advertising on Youtube is 20 per cent cheaper than that of certain TV slots, it yields 350 per cent fewer impressions.

Facebook too is amiss when providing costs that can compare favourably with TV, costing three times the marketing spend of TV- even when considering organic views.

Of course display and true consumption has been the cause for much conjecture between online advertisers and vessel alike, as the pursuit of true accountability and efficiency of spend is sought.

Moreover where PPC ads are concerned on social media outlets such as Facebook for instance, studies conducted by the team themselves concluded that seven out of 10 ads displayed were scrolled past with no consumption at all.

Therefore in order for advertising as a whole to transcend and influence new consumer bases and for longer, online and TV need to collaborate further to assist both party’s growth.

Advertising costs will be lowered with consistent linguistic and visual content.
Advertising costs will be lowered with consistent linguistic and visual content.

For example the use of semantics, semiotics and typography within advertising is becoming increasingly prevalent as diversity of content is widened and the need to influence search is becoming all the more imperative.

Free metrics of analysis can enable your company to be mobile in delivering campaigns based on specific search metrics, not what you want them to hear.

This has been precipitated by the shifting paradigm in advertising that is now orientated around branding, providing content that is emotive and not persuasive.

If you look at the most popular search terms relating to your product and service and augment that to the content of your ad, cognitively at least you are heightening your chances of turning impressions into conversions and future resonation.

Therefore with language underscoring the success of your potential ads, you can focus on your branded content that will organically create connotations with your product or services.

In terms of automating your campaigns though, with overall cost-per-impression and conversion substantially lower than that of online, stimulating your consumers through TV is paramount as you strive to decrease advertising costs.

Previously TV presented an ultimately successful, yet timely process in discovering what broadcast times and channels would be appropriate to your business.

However amid the digital innovations that have assisted not only real-time attribution, but    the timing of ads to only broadcast to your desired audience, an revolution has occurred in TV.

This has been ultimately to combat the effectiveness of branded content that has enjoyed exponential rises of the last few years, culminating in Adidas dropping TV advertising altogether.

However such techniques for any brand to deploy is blind incredulity.

To provide content that can not only garner an increased reach, but offer the legal framework that can protect the integrity and reputation of your business, TV can not be consigned to history.

TV and online have perfect synergy to lower advertising costs.
TV and online have perfect synergy to lower advertising costs.

Furthermore with your TV ad acting as your chief stimulus, once consumers attempt to find your product, ad or other services online it will perennially be on the front page of Google.

Thus to complete your advertising autonomy, notwithstanding using retargeting to maintain awareness of your brand, referencing the same terms and the fact the ad has been on TV will provide increased resonation.

Cognitively this will provide the credibility that online inherently lacks with its neglect of regulation and appraisal.

This will ultimately improve the trust in online if it is allied to credible sources, focusing on online only will stymie your progress and increase your advertising costs and lower cost-per-conversion.

According to Thinkbox, TV provides almost twice (98%) the profit of online only ads, ensuring that if your business is to truly grow in 2017 and beyond, your advertising has to converge and provide a consistent voice.

Should this deviate online, the chances of your content blending in with the multitude of other poorly constructed ads is only increased: lowering ROI and KPI achievement.

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