Use TV ads to boost online performance

21st April 2017

PERFORMANCE Of online as a shopping entity is leading to a concurrent rise in online ad spending and consumption: focusing on native advertising will leave you floundering though.

The highest spenders within TV advertising are e-commerce brands, while the UK is the single greatest spender online of any country in the world.

Therefore the correlation is distinct between online shopping success and that of effective TV advertising delivering it.

On average a TV advert generates an additional 33% organic traffic to your site, while is responsible for 67% long-term traffic returning to your website.

As a result e-commerce brands have utilised TV to drive traffic to their sites, knowing that TV provides the ultimate response driving and brand awareness stimuli.

Amazon for instance increased their TV ad spend by 39% last year, while online brands as a whole increased their TV investment by eight-per-cent.

Ultimately cookies and search data can drive your company to the device of the consumer, but the efficiency of both DRTV and brand response advertising cannot be rivalled by native online advertising.

This is epitomised by the lack of physical presence of online brands, which unlike their high-street rivals have an exterior image that generates a degree of inherent credibility over e-commerce brands.

A presence on TV ensures your advertising performance increases, with greater credibility and reach.
A presence on TV ensures your advertising performance increases, with greater credibility and reach.

TV is the most effective means of eliciting instant sales, as well as forging brand resonance, which is imperative to online only brands as they look to generate trust with their consumers.

Emotively as you look to develop the connections that distinguish you from rival brands, the importance of the creative and the nuances that consumers will relate to are manifest.

TV on average strikes an emotional chord with 58% of the viewing public, with online generating similar emotions on just six-per-cent of occasions.

Furthermore with online, importance of brand is accentuated through the lack of public visibility, consequently utilising TV to boost long term affirmation and upscaling is integral to the performance of your business in an increasingly saturated market.

When algorithms on Google will shape the fate of your websites ranking for consumers, aside from your own internal PPC and retargeting campaigns, TV will provide the imperative word-of-mouth and online conversation that will proliferate the performance of your ad.

TV ads drove conversation face-to-face on 53% of occasions last year, while more pertinently drove conversation online in 26% of instances.

By contrast native online material delivered just nine-per-cent engagement through word-of-mouth and just seven online.

Therefore to instil the optimal multiplier effect and ensure both short and long-term performance is maximised, ensuring the core of your campaign is delivered through TV will ensure you create organic, direct traffic that can be attributable at times where marketers desire transparency and measurability.

By aligning data driven metrics to your ads you can track the increase in impressions, conversions and sales realtime.

Although linear TV buying does not always offer realtime attribution, on average companies enjoy profit increases of 140% if operating a branded campaign for a three year period.

This will provide your brand with the greatest ROI compared to any other form of advertising.

By adopting a poly-content philosophy you can achieve added resonation and credibility with your online ads due to the connotational links to TV.

By revolving all your campaigns around your initial TV ad, inherent credibility will boost the receptiveness of your consumers.
By revolving all your campaigns around your initial TV ad, inherent credibility will boost the receptiveness of your consumers.

This inherent credibility ensures that when your consumers engage with your business or further ads from you for the first time, you will ensure your ads are more trustworthy and relatable.

Furthermore by generalising your content to revolve around the most credible and recognisable entity in advertising, your consumers are more likely to respond to any response campaigns you may run.

Although brand recognition and long-term response are vastly increased through marrying TV to all brands-especially e-commerce ones- DRTV can ensure you also deliver the instant sales rises that illustrate the performance of your campaigns.

Crucially in this instance though it is that association that will also play a pivotal role in the contextual affirmation between your consumers and your brand.

If you focus on simply matching your audience to when they are watching TV as a whole, you will ultimately lose up to 30% in sales due to poor contextual planning, diminishing your entire performance levels.

Although other cognitive factors such as mood cannot be predetermined on TV as of yet, your creative can ultimately shift this if curated and broadcast in a complimentary fashion to the tone of program your ad is sold to.

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