Vote for branded ads amid fiscal uncertainty

13th June 2017

VOTE For ads that can circumvent the issues blighting your current business growth: using branded ads you can prepare for and ensure future prosperity.

Amidst the continued fiscal ambivalence while negotiations over the composition of the new Government continue, inflation has risen by a further 0.2% in the last month, to 2.9%.

With wages not keeping up with continually increasing inflation rates, the squeeze on consumer spending shows no imminent sign of abating, as a consequence your business needs to vote for a brand-driven advertising tact.

While the success of DRTV remains buoyant and the unparalleled effectiveness of it remains irrefutable, your overall efficiency can only continue to rise through one of these two means: programmatic or brand response.

The burgeoning benefits of programmatic remain woefully under-publicised, however in terms of improving the effectiveness of your branded ads, the software is not quite sophisticated enough to moderate from a brand perspective.

While true ‘viewability’-as it is ungrammatically imparted- is still ultimately open to much conjecture, it is unrealistic to be able to systemically ascertain true consumption when the desired action of an ad is for retention and affirmation.

Programmatic is assisting the delivery and success of direct response campaigns immeasurably.

From a brand perspective though, at a time when your business will face more obstinance to expenditure, continuing the short-termist tact will serve only to minimise your brand authority once prosperity and public spending buoys again.

Vote to implement a long-term brand strategy and avoid short-term inefficiency.
Vote to implement a long-term brand strategy and avoid short-term inefficiency.

Thus as your business looks to optimise long-term efficiency your advertising direction will have to employ a degree of complicity to instant sales and attributable sales increases: this vote ensures long-term change, not short-term.

Therefore to begin this austerity friendly advertising programme, the key as with direct response advertising is emotion, communication and music.

However unlike DRTV where the focus is on mobilising the instant response, your prerogative is to instil a subconscious affirmation through story-telling, tone and body-language.

While tone and body-language are equally key to the success of response-driven commercials, utilising them in collusion with story-telling is imperative to mobilising the desired resonation and consumer retention.

There are myriad cognitive effects to story-telling: neural coupling, mirroring, cortex stimulation and the release of dopamine (source:

Neural coupling for instance ensures that any consumers watching your ad can transform the narrative of the ad into a real-life occurrence, experienced by the viewer.

Consequently if your ad is depositing emotive traits and absorbing your consumers in its contents, the inherent resonation will occur that naturally improves encoding.

Moreover with the elicitation of mirroring within the brain, a consumer’s mind will correlate with that of the voice-over artist or actor you will be using in the ad.

As a result you can channel your desired emotive outcomes unambiguously through the power of story, ensuring that your consumers are left with a brand habitually laden with emotion.

Therefore the visual emphasis should be married with audio as you plan your creative vision.

Preparing this should be dependant on your desired audience, with any broadcast slots decided upon as a result of market research, previous campaign success, demographics or the latest interactive techniques.

Through interactive and addressable ad-placement you can at least avoid any unnecessary expenditure and ad wastage, while not utilising programmatic.

With an audience decided you can focus upon the language that will elicit emotional response, which will subsequently release dopamine in the brain to assist brand encoding and emotional association with your business.

Vote to infuse language, music, tone, facts and branding to mobilise your ads.
Vote to infuse language, music, tone, facts and branding to mobilise your ads.

Another crucial leveraging force for your campaign is to infuse your story-telling with facts, ensuring you stimulate further cortex activity while enabling the indexing of your business purpose.

Therefore your advertising vote should be to establish emotive communication that can drive your visuals and be influenced by the auditory additions to your ad.

For instance as you look to implicitly instil mirroring into your creative concert, matching the mood and tone of your language to any accompanying music will serve to drive your desired action further.

Ensuring this symmetry is imperative if you are to add further encoding and maximise your advertising outlay, while adding facts to this ensures you will stimulate further cortex activity.

Ultimately the more senses are stimulated, the greater the indexing on a consumer’s brain your business will have.

Overall ensuring you have a subjective, unambiguous creative will ensure that at a time when many amongst the political and fiscal elite cannot deliver, your business at least can provide the emotive security in your advertising.

Space City has been producing TV, online and radio commercials for 25 years, during such a time emotion has underpinned brand creatives to implement campaigns that still exist to this day.

Contact the team now and ensure that you secure your profitability in 2017 and beyond with Space City: the UK’s number one producers of cost-effective TV commercials.






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