Website launched by Space City

20th April 2018

The UK’s number one producer of ┬ácost-effective TV commercials, Space City, has unveiled its brand new website

SPACE CITY Has launched its new website, with the UK’s most productive advertising company revealing the site as a part of a brand refresh.

The previous iteration has been completely overhauled, with convenience and usability at the heart of the design.

A new masthead has been embedded to improve navigation, while a showreel video is now present on the homepage amidst tasters of Space City’s award-winning work.

With all information about Hammersmith and Fulham’s Employer of the Year featuring on the main page itself, visitors to the site will be saved clicks and load time, with all page links embedded without the need for multiple page visits.

Complimenting the inherently social business that Space City is, the new website features a live social media feed and quick links to all the company’s accounts, with quality, concise and expedited communication at the heart of all that the production company undertakes.

Space City new website
The new website has improved functionality for visitors.

Keeping up-to-date with the business that produces more TV commercials than any other UK company couldn’t be easier, too with an ability to sign-up to Space City’s monthly newsletter, which features all the latest news and promotions from within the business, on the website.

Joining the new website is a new company logo, font and brand evolution, with Space City’s perennial red being enhanced to exude relevance in the present and beyond.

With versatility omni-platform considered, recognition could be enhanced with a transferable logo would not need compromise to be noticed: this was delivered.

The work on the new website was completed by Say Web Design, with a new CMS delivered to support content curation and Space City’ regularly-updated low cost advertising blog and news section.

New clients have joined Space City’s mission to create cost-effective, sales-inducing advertising, with Framd, the RSPCA, Wowcher, Cgon and Miracle Grow among the myriad brands creating adverts with the company so far in 2018.

Click here now to check out the new website and find out much you could gain from launching your business to new heights with Space City.

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