What makes a successful TV advert?

24th April 2018
Katherine Ryan


What makes an advert successful? By utilising our comprehensive advertising guide, your business will be equipped to enjoy short and long-term sales success.

Whether you are looking to focus on TV, online, radio or outdoor, the emphasis of any campaign will need to embody many transferable elements.

How to make your adverts memorable

Any advert, whether response or brand-driven, needs to foster memorability. Through making any advert communicative and rife with emotion and juxtaposition from certain real world events, you can imbue your brand.

While this virtue remains the same for response-driven creatives, the need for your adverts to inhabit some semblance of the authentic event in context is crucial.

As you look to induce both response and memorability in particular, merging any dialogue (if applicable) with the emotion you want your potential consumers to feel in that particular moment, will assist neural coupling – helping viewers relate to the event of the ad in their subconscious mind.

What devices can be used to make a successful advert?

Embedding your advert with creativity, but also your business and branding cues in equal measure, is key to a successful advert.

Thus, as you seek to weave the creative devices into your advertisements that emboss brand on consumers, ensuring that they are the leveraging element of your ads is imperative.

Such devices include, but are not limited to: using music to reiterate brand, optimising breaks and pauses, using brand colours actively in the ad and placing emphasis on human interaction.

An animal is proven to make your advertising more effective, too.

Bella & Duke DogBella & Duke DogBella & Duke Dog

How To Portray Your Brand?

Ultimately, what makes the ad more effective in this context, is showcasing your product or services to consumers, as opposed to selling it.

This may seem counterintuitive, but will serve your advertising ROI better than an ad that attempts to focus too much on price and persuasion – this has been proven across TV and other forms of advertising.

What makes a consumer respond instantly to an advert?

Within response-centric ads, you can mobilise any sales-heavy traits through conversation and call-to-actions.

The most successful campaigns — and memorable ones — can combine both of these metrics together, what should not be done though — when thinking about what makes a consumer confused or distracted — is combine conceptual closure with visual call-to-actions – separation and breaks are imperative as you seek to disambiguate your subject matter to consumers.

The CTA itself needs to be imbued on the subconscious, too, if you are to truly optimise direct response adverts.

What Makes A Successful Advert For Space City?

Some of Space City’s most efficient ads, which have elicited the best ROI, have featured visual and audible prompts that guide the consumer through the process and merits of utilising your product or services.

If, for instance, your business feels it would be easier for consumers to engage with your business via a laptop or tablet, you would illustrate this in your creative with your actors – this makes sure of absolute clarity and mitigates any doubts that may reside subconsciously in a consumer’s mind.

Regardless of whether you are advertising on TV, outdoors, on the radio or online, an advert has to offer a solution to a problem.

There may not even be an obvious to a consumer, but through an authentic, memorable, humorous or empathetic scenario, you can mobilise your CTA, which will serve to elicit your business instant sales increases.

What makes the most effective advert by platform?

With the aforementioned advertising styles, certain platforms will prove to be more effective than others as you seek to either induce response or instil your brand.

Successful TV Adverts

TV is the number one means of brand building – across all the derivatives that have emerged in recent years and months.

TV makes your advertising work harder and improves ROI.

Advertising on TV makes for improved ROI.

Whether your business utilises programmatic advertising — which helps deliver ads digitally to improve efficiency — linear or addressable TV, the inherently social construct that TV helps to foster memorability.

The most lucrative in terms of long-term ROI is utilising sponsorship bumpers.

Although not strictly advertising, the placement of a branded piece of film that bookends a period of ad breaks ensures that your ad is immersed in the conscious and subconscious minds of consumers – ensuring profit increases of as much as 140% in campaigns that last more than six months.

Successful Online Adverts

Online advertising, particularly when driven by mobile and the data it can harness, provides the best reactionary advertising – this does not equate to optimal ROI, though.

Other types of adverts

Radio and outdoor are excellent outlets for both direct response and brand response adverts, but online should be firmly avoided for brand building.

Given the mind is focused on convenience as your business makes the best adverts for its short and long-term ambitions, online will satisfy the need for instant results, but it leaves little attention span or scope to imbue the brand.

Overall, adverts that placate the immediate desires of consumers on the platform they are consuming your ads from will succeed, but with the aforementioned tips, they can thrive.

Making A Successful Advert with Space City

Space City rose seven places in the latest Campaign Magazine agency rankings, with the UK’s number-one producers of cost-effective TV commercials cementing their place as the country’s most productive agency.

Contact the team now and produce award-winning, sales-inducing adverts for less, through Space City’s bespoke in-house facilities.

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