Escapism is vital to brand response

2nd December 2016

BRAND Response and escapism in advertising is a tried and tested form of TV advertising that creates a lasting bond between your company and the consumer.

To create the correct context between your audience and your product or service though is becoming increasingly abstract.

When delivering brand response the desire from the consumer to escape somewhat from reality has become paramount, while rigidly remaining connected to reality is imperative to maximise the direct response advert.

Ultimately to deliver a message which is going to embody the period you are initially broadcasting an ad in, steps need to be taken to ensure that it carries a warmth which can deliver the emotive impact that allows a connection to be made with consumers.

Encompassing escapism can galvanise your audience.
Encompassing escapism can galvanise your audience.

Although this technique continues to be successful year-after-year, the tendency for brands to deviate from this solution has increased around this Christmas time.

With the impetus of a business’ campaign being weighed in around Christmas, the human impact of these ads is delivered in parallel with the expectation of the time it is broadcast.

Rather than setting newer trends which could in itself generate a permanent sense of belonging to a brand and lifestyle, the tendency of brands to not risk setting their own precedents has lead to consumers losing trust in ads.

Such eclecticism has also led to businesses paradoxically creating problems from giving consumers what they want.

Having the impulses and direction from the abstract warmth created from these breaks in reality have perpetuated consumer spending trends, as appose to spreading them evenly throughout the year.

Should such marketing rhetoric be repeated outside of the Christmas bubble, there is no reason to suggest this technique would not elicit similar results outside of the safe umbrella of cultural manipulation.

Hard hitting adverts, scaremongering and the usage of emotive direct response advertising has seen remarkable decline, while warmer adverts that encapsulate escapism  resonate more with consumers clamouring for a break from reality.

Not encapsulating escapism can create rejection of your campaign.
Not encapsulating escapism can create rejection of your campaign.

While such extremities are necessary to provide a realism that could not otherwise be achievable; it is timing within this current culture that inhibits charitable direct response i particular being a successful entity.

Therefore if your company is delivering a brand response campaign and focuses more on reality, no impact will be made until a culture shift in the industry occurs, whereby there is an escapist culture consistently throughout the year.

When escapism becomes associated with commercials all year round, the ability for reality to be integrated within brand response will become prevalent.

Until such an innovative shift though to deliver a successful brand response that has an impact beyond Christmas, a wholesale rebuff will occur while the annual festive warfare occurs to offer the most creative form of escapism.

Watch escapism in action with one of our previous commercials here. 

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