Why online advertising cannot overtake TV

4th November 2016

ONLINE Advertising and the rise of social media have swamped the advertisement market and the direction companies have been taking in recent years.

With a rise of 51 per cent in investment into online advertising and the success of cookies identifying companies’ key target individuals, the industry has seen a remarkable rise in budgets year-on-year since 2009.

However this success in itself only reflects the negligence of such companies to the role TV has and continues to play in the present day.

The power TV continues has over consumers today is as strong as it was in terms of advertisement market share as it was 20 years ago, it has become an irrevocable force of branding.

To shift the balance of power in terms of the instant and emotive weight TV carries, is like trying to topple a mountain with a sky scraper: the bar is always being moved higher, with others fearful of being left behind they try and keep up, unbeknown to them they already have a force to be reckoned with.

Online and mobile advertising lacks the captive bond of TV.
Online and mobile advertising lacks the captive bond of TV.

Currently the ultimate flaw with social media advertising compared to TV is the onus on Cookies and the ability to understand the likes and preferences of an individual, that in itself inhibits the brand in question from shaping their brand around a lifestyle, a group, or wider society as a whole.

By appealing to select individuals, making their products work for the consumer, they need to prioritise making the consumer suit the product or service.

Delivering a call to action via TV presents you with a captive audience that are all sharing roughly the same interests; granted this trait is shared with the live innovations of Facebook as well as streaming via Youtube, but the ability to have longer more rigid periods of time that online simply does not facilitate, leaves TV with its continued influence over the viewer.

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Online is growing and is continuing to innovate, but lacks the weight of TV.

In the long term the efforts of Facebook in particular to widen its broadcasts over its Live function, could threaten the established order of play, but in the short to medium term TV remains the established, trusted and dependable commercial premise for businesses looking to grow in such uncertain times.

Additionally the work of Space City, which in itself as endured and innovated to navigate through two recessions, offers the credibility and diversity to produce a commercial that forces the call to action desired.

Online maybe playing catch up and very well, but don’t cash in on the less than successful bandwagon just yet.


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