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30th November 2016

EMERGING Trends have engulfed the behaviour of businesses looking to market their company with more effectiveness in recent years.

The rise of digital and the spend that has followed it has now overtaken TV ad spend, although the impact has been wildly overestimated.

Over the last five years TV ad spend has maintained the same level of marketshare, while digital has now overtaken it amidst the demise of print.

However while companies like yours are spending more advertising budget on digital platforms, utilising the personalised factors that have lead to the success of cookies, the effectiveness of such techniques has fallen by ten per cent.

In the same time period TV’s effectiveness has risen by 1.5%, belying the uncertain financial times.

Online and mobile ads offer a fraction of the effectiveness that TV does.
Online and mobile ads offer a fraction of the effectiveness that TV does.

Couple this assurance of impact through the medium itself and the introduction of rival analytic metrics, newly introduced to combat the appeal of online, such as addressable advertising, ad smart and interactive advertising, the TV advertising industry is set to flourish again.

Previously the success of TV was sought through the sheer amount of time your brand would have showcasing itself to a broad audience, now you have the ability to personalise that audience to suit your target demographics directly through their personal preferences and viewing habits.

These metrics hitherto known to TV until recent years have precipitated the relentless growth in market share online has seen, however unlike online, TV carries the guarantees of actual consumption and conversion far more transparently than that of online.

Firstly with the growth of on-demand complimenting the already steadfast strength of linear TV advertising, essentially offering the perfect compromise of TV and online, you can maintain a brand identity through coverage across multiple shows, something that is far more expensive and unsuccessful to do online.

Secondly, while online can personalise ads for the exact device, TV can do for the exact viewer with analytic metrics that ensure you know the routines to a degree of your demographic and target market, ensuring you can deliver call-to-action success that is four times greater than that of online.

Your company can increase effectiveness without losing money.
Your company can increase effectiveness without losing money.

Finally with online ads often being bypassed through mechanisms that are exempt from TV, actual brand awareness is difficult to discern given the wildly juxtaposing viewing times associated with online ads.

Therefore the data you may receive from the interaction with your ad online is often deceptive at best.

With TV you can have exact viewing times measured and therefore reliable data that can be used to tailor your campaigns directly to your target market, not vice versa which can lead to erroneous commercial spending.

Factoring in the need for innovation, emotive advertising and personalised ads, TV is the only pliable premise which can be engineered to suit your company’s requirements at the lowest cost.

When accounting Space City’s autonomous in-house facilities, staff and partnerships with advertising bodies such as Clearcast, your company can have expert care on a budget, with your ad reaching screens quicker than if they used any other production company.

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