Why you cannot afford to save money in-house

22nd November 2016

CHEAP Advertising is something that any company strives for, but unless you are already a market leader saving money is something to be approached with caution.

All of the greatest adverts of the 21st century so far, as voted for by Adage have been produced by external agencies.

Although using an in-house operation saves time and is of the greatest convenience to the company in question, this method does bring with it a great deal of bias and subjectivity to the production.

Objectivity is the catalyst of any new creative spark and with the myriad of experience that agencies like Space City have allied to them, that flair has the track record of delivering results at a minimal cost.

We can save you money with our plethora of staff and equipment at our disposal.
We can save you money with our plethora of staff and equipment at our disposal.

In addition Space City has won the most commissions of any agency since 2001, while delivering low-cost campaigns thanks to the faculties it shares with an in-house production team, saving you money.

All of the staff are permanently based in the premises and are not sub-contracted, furthermore our latest Davinci grading software and 4k technology on site ensures that all levels of the pre and post production are transparent, produced to the highest quality and to the swiftest of deadlines given the autonomous approach taken by our team.

In-house agencies only have the knowledge of their existing target audience, with the cross-genre experience of many agencies such as Space City ensuring that fresh impetus can be injected into an idea.

The knowledge of the TV, online and emerging digital trends enable Space City to maximise the market place you want to exploit, enabling your ad to be produced and broadcast with a clear call-to-action, brand direction, thus identity that can move your company forward on a budget.

In addition an agency’s knowledge of language and discourse techniques is a niche that cannot be underestimated when trying to enthuse a brand.

Our ability to generate the right context in an ad will make you money.
Our ability to generate the right context in an ad will make you money.

Having produced an eclectic array of commercials across an equally varied selection of platforms, for similarly diverse audiences, Space City can deliver a subjective, coherent campaign which can deliver the contextual insight to the consumer an in-house brand would struggle to do with its rigidity.

A further danger of delivering an in-house campaign is the lack of knowledge in some quarters of industry behaviour, which could result in a commercial backlash of your campaign from competitors.

Bereft of in-house your brand can be cemented with its own identity, not one that is seeking to antagonise your competitors and save money in the long-term, due predominantly to the lack of need to produce multiple campaigns.

This inadvertently will cause deep financial expense for your company, when an agency campaign from Space City can deliver an immediate alleviation within your market, at a fraction of the cost.

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