Why your company needs TV for awareness

11th August 2017

As your company looks for more simplified and engaging marketing content, the number one means of advertising has been neglected

COMPANY Policy, posturing, bureaucracy; whatever is stifling your business as you look to create indelible advertising, the shift needs to occur.

With the desire to engage your audiences online, given its ability to be the leading harvester of consumers and their data, many businesses have neglected the very means of generating the advertising material that will engrain your business within consumers’ memories.

Although the overall spend by businesses on TV advertising has stagnated during the last year, the success of it in comparison to spend outweighs that of online and elsewhere.

With 51% of all advertising revenue traced back to TV advertising the damning indictment of many businesses is that they are wasting advertising budget needlessly on inefficient channels.

Whether you are looking to boost engagement through social media, obtain sales as a direct result of response advertising, or boost awareness, either trying to persuade your consumers or ask them to engage will not increase your reach, it will simply ensure you exploit the audience you already have.

While helpful in harvesting what you already have and ensuring that you maintain relative awareness amid your existing followers, ensuring that the pool is added to and has a wider reach beyond just those individuals is dependent on the awareness TV creates.

Targeting those who are likely to be receptive to your advertising is of course crucial from a response perspective, but to increase the exposure of your brand the appeal has to be more company driven, not individually so.

As you seek to enchant the minds of potential consumers, striking the sub-conscious resonance that will lead to the conscious curiosity that leads consumers to gravitate to online.

Your company has to utilise the outlet that induces the most visceral emotive response: that's TV.
Your company has to utilise the outlet that induces the most visceral emotive response: that’s TV.

It’s the convenience that your company must bear in mind when choosing which advertising style to use for awareness or response driven campaigns; when it comes to advertising directly engagement should not be a part of the equation.

Within TV and online the success of attempting to persuade or encourage consumers to migrate to social media within or after ads has dwindled and more businesses are reverting to more traditional means of awareness.

Through the native social media channels themselves myriad businesses enjoy success from optimise online, SEO, the latest trends and writing techniques to optimise the content, but this is counter productive.

You may be improving your engagement within your own channels, but there will always be a tether until further awareness is generated.

Thus the growing neglect of TV as the leading means of lead generation is inexplicable.

Measurability is forever improving and evolving; the emergence of programmatic has improved the efficiency of advertising spend and ensured that underperforming creatives can be demoted to the most underperforming channel.

With this in mind the incentive to utilise TV in its linear form, as appose to VOD for brand building and awareness is greater than ever.

While VOD is pertinent from an informative point of view, it will not inhabit the scale and reach that linear can provide.

Furthermore the consumer state-of-mind fundamentally juxtaposes itself between watching on-demand and enjoying live linear TV.

The key gratification metrics for live TV include being entertained, inspired and entertained.

Ultimately there is no purpose to TV other than utilising it as a purpose for relaxing and gratifying one’s self, thus more of your consumers become desensitised to their conscious environment and are more accepting of your ads.

With your consumers desensitised to their environment, no persuasion is needed on the part of your company.
With your consumers desensitised to their environment, no persuasion is needed on the part of your company.

For instance research by Thinkbox (TV/Ad Nation 2016) revealed that 58% of ads on TV make their consumers feel emotional in someway, ensuring that encoding and affirmation are more likely.

By contrast on social media, where many businesses are now plying their budgets toward – especially mobile – the likelihood of emotive response is just 9%.

Therefore you are seven times more likely to index your brand on the mind of your consumers through TV compared to social media.

When emotive resonance occurs the brain releases dopamine, as a result ensuring that encoding and indexation is facilitated, ensuring your future social and online campaigns bare greater relevance when the consumer journey reaches online platforms.

Therefore from an awareness point-of-view it is wholly inexplicable not to utilise the power and attribution now available on TV.

If you choose to variably advertise your business on TV over a three-year-period you’re profits statistically increase by 140%.

Space City has been producing TV, online and radio commercials for 25 years, eliciting sales increases of 600% in some cases.

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