Willen Lake launches first TV Advert

17th July 2018

Willen Lake has released a new advert, but how has The Parks Trust-operated business decided to advertise with Space City?

WILLEN Lake has released its debut TV advert to broadcasters after joining forces with Space City for its debut foray into TV advertising.

The Milton Keynes-based company produced a 30-second DRTV commercial, which showcases the lake’s eclectic array of outdoor activities, including kayaking, wind surfing, canoeing and zip wiring, all within the premise of stock footage augmented to HD footage and a voiceover.

Choosing to advertise in the summer months, The Parks Trust-operated Willen Lake was looking to maximise the prolonged period of warm and dry weather across southern Britain to stimulate new consumers to visit and enjoy the myriad activities on offer.

Having never advertised on TV before, Milton Keynes’ largest lake utilised the services of the UK’s most cost-effective TV advertising production company to deliver its first campaign.

Space City's cost-effective TV commercial production for Willen Lake
Willen Lake needed an experienced, credible and cost-effective TV advertising production company for their first production.

The lake is the most popular park in the town, with a 5km walk around the perimeter awaiting those who visit.

Having launched a new website earlier in 2018, Willen Lake has increased its marketing output to accommodate the UK’s most lucrative means of advertising: TV.

Space City is the UK’s number one producer of cost-effective TV commercials, having delivered more ads than any other company since 2000.

After rising a further seven places in the Campaign Magazine agency rankings, Space City was awarded the Most Cost-Effective TV Advertising Production Company title in the Corporate Excellence Awards.

Watch the new Willen Lake TV commercial production now, or visit the company website to find out more about their services.

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