World Cup fever can extend to your ads

11th July 2018

The World Cup in Russia has gripped the nation, but football isn’t the only thing that could be coming home

WORLD CUP buoyancy is naturally great for the UK economy, but from an individual business perspective, it illustrates advertising’s unexploited potential.

Pubs are awash with perfervid fans; businesses are closing early, while the roads are quieter than Christmas day, but what lessons can we learn from the economic uplifts enjoyed as a result of England’s prolonged stay in Russia?

From an advertising perspective, the potential for direct response commercials is manifest, but how you display that needs to reflect the context in which the respective country is performing.

Having generic DRTV ads will not help with the conciliation of your business to new consumers, but having specific elements of a generic brand response ad, will ensure that your products and services can have global relevance.

The insular nature of maximising internal buoyancy is effective, but why should this be limited to sporting events that matter to Gareth Southgate’s England team?

Someone’s failure or disappointment is another’s success and joy, thus making your business as agile and versatileĀ as possibleĀ is key to a successful DRTV output.

If you are an ecommerce business, this process can be expedited and exploited further thanks to the flexibility of your operations, which can ensure of adverts that can be sent via server-side delivery.

Stadium featured in Dream League Soccer World Cup advertising production
World Cup buoyancy can help your business advertise beyond the conclusion of the tournament.

Reactive ads are common during sporting events — World Cup, Premier League, or SuperBowl games for instance — but such ads can do so more to generate broader appeal.

The cost of such linear spots — particularly in the case of the SuperBowl — is high, but their effectiveness cannot be questioned; accessibility, though, is something that may inhibit some from taking advantage of these periods of high consumer attention and relevance.

In the case of addressable or interactive advertising, you can limit the display of certain ads to certain consumer segments, while depending on where the ad is being broadcast — if purchased via linear streams — you can customise certain graphics to compliment the specific consumer groups in question.

Therefore, even after the World Cup, where the moods if many consumers will depend on the outcome of prospective sporting events, another nation maybe gripped by it in a different, more ebullient fashion, or vice versa.

Ultimately, having a generic creative, but versions that are flexible and can be inserted in realtime to react to real life events, is imperative.

A singular creative that appeals to all is necessary, but there are infinite ways in which you can adapt the context of such ads to allow for increased consumer relevance omni-viewer.

The World Cup is an event that has seen the highest TV viewing figures in the UK for several years, which can only lead to the increased effectiveness of branded commercials, too.

With this in mind, looking at new markets and any major events that may be occurring with relevance only to them would be prudent as a means of generating awareness and response around the world.

Given the level of choice across TV, VOD and online, the amount of viewers condensed onto one platform has been declining on the whole, but when you include viewers enjoying on demand, the figures are only increasing.

Events akin to the World Cup are few and far between in terms of the leverage they carry with the overall population, but having agile creatives, adapted to prise upon international periods of collective interest, is vital.

Low cost TV advertising production from Space City for Paradise
Advertisers need to be proactive before any major tournament like the World Cup, for them to exploit it.

When undertaking your advertising production, having markets in mind and the substantiation necessary to send certain ads to stations is key.

In Britain, anything that appears on TV has to be cleared by Clearcast, while using ads abroad will mean separate clearance, by which the versioning itself will need to be conducted separately if necessary.

Ensuring of compliance is imperative. Online adverts do not require clearance and this has haemorrhaged trust in advertising from consumers, with PPC ads, pop-ups and other creatives stymieing industry progress given their unpredictable nature.

Ads delivered to compliment World Cup buoyancy are best delivered to mass audiences, whom will be more inclined to engage with others about your ad and brand.

Online is inherently more insular and symptomatic of an advertising sphere keen on stifling conversation – something not seen during the effervescent World Cup period.

Communication leads to awareness, which can lead to sales, advocacy and repeat business; the potential for your business to grow is vast, if a change of tack looks at exploiting mass awareness and creative consistency.

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