Wowcher launches new TV ads with Space City

Wowcher has released its latest TV advertising campaign with Space City

WOWCHER Has launched its latest TV adverts with Space City, showcasing its new product range with the Things That Make You Go Wow campaign line.

The new campaign marks the second in succession delivered by Space City using the adaptation of C + C Music Factory’s classic musical score.

Filmed in Denmark Studios, Greater London, the UK’s most cost-effective advertising production company filmed 4 x 30-second commercials and 11 x 10-second adverts for the e-commerce giants.

Showcasing the business’ latest array of make up masterclasses, trampolines, beach holidays, waxing treatments, shower heads, personalised necklaces and beanbags, the ads utilised an all-female cast comprising Nikkita Chadha, Carmelle Rudder and Morgan Beveridge.

Utilising the same studio backdrop as before, the ads sought to imbue creative consistency through the location and editing choices, with the shift in context aiding memorability and response.

Wowcher actors starring in Space City's cost-effective DRTV advertising production
The new Wowcher TV commercial productions featured increased product engagement and actor interaction.

Deviating from the previous ads that used an all-male ensemble, the new ads utilised a more visceral creative, with more product engagement – focusing on contrast to boost resonance and response as a result of the proposition posed by Wowcher.

The latest Space City-produced TV advertising production will be broadcast on channels including ITV2, ITVBE, Channel 4 and Sky channels such as E!, MTV, Sky1, and Comedy Central.

Having aired since Monday, 23 July, 2018, the Wowcher TV commercial production will feature on screens throughout the summer, alongside Space City’s previous creatives produced in 2017.

The adverts were once again directed by Nick Sneath and choreographed by star of the previous commercials, Callum MacDonald.

After rising seven places in the Campaign Magazine agency rankings in 2018, Space City was named by Corporate Vision Magazine as the UK’s most cost-effective TV advertising production company.

Watch the new Wowcher TV commercial now – you can find out more about Space City’s award-winning TV advertising production services here.