York Test and Mr Clutch launch TV ads

18th January 2018

York Test, the food intolerance specialists and Mr Clutch, the automotive exponents, have launched their first TV adverts with Space City

YORK Test and Mr Clutch have launched their first and latest commercials with Space City Productions – releasing their ads nationwide across TV and online.

Having approached Space City in late 2017, the UK’s number one producers of TV commercials utilised live-action-shoots in both cases to deliver the brand response adverts desired by both companies.

Although desiring instant and short-term uplifts, with the need to imbue long-term resonance within subconscious thought, the creative directive in both cases was chosen to be communicative and narrative-driven, utilising a consistent tact that would not haemorrhage any consumer trust at end branding.

York Test themselves, utilising TV for the first time, sought an advertising direction that would raise long-term awareness and foster rapport and relevance with consumers across omni-demographics.

In order to convey this within the ad itself, various case studies were selected to illustrate the versatility and accessibility of the service provided by the testers for intolerance.

Through the creative direction chosen – similar to Mr Clutch – the emphasis of the adverts themselves was placed firmly around shifting emotive thought within the ad itself, with the increasing ebullience driving the action.

Although Mr Clutch has previously advertised on TV before, the eponymous providers of services, MOTs and car repairs lacked the branding cues that ensured of long-term response in their previous advert.

Cameraman on Space City TV advertising production shoot
Space City provided improved branding or both York Test and Mr Clutch in their adverts.

Therefore, focusing on emotion as appose to fact was crucial as Space City looked to deviate from the previously informative tact, which did not elicit the results desired by the aforementioned automotive purveyors.

Thus, focus was leveraged upon not just brand relevant words in the script, but the delivery of them and the emotion that was conveyed in both voice and body language.

Utilising a diverse range of staff and consumers, the response element of the creative was instilled through the visual and audible overview of what is normally undertaken by the business.

Such a showcase, aligned to the emotive, communicative tone, ensured that Mr Clutch was armed with an advert they could use to change perceptions and challenge the emotions and subconscious thought associated with garages and the automotive industry.

In order to support the TV campaign, Mr Clutch will be running a concurrent PPC and pre-roll YouTube campaign.

Space City has been producing TV, online and radio adverts for 25 years, being shortlisted for the Business of the Year award in the Thames Valley.

Contact the team now and join York Test and Mr Clutch in using TV to stimulate unrivalled ROI and resonance.

Watch the new ad, now.


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