Your company’s destiny is in your hands, not the markets

9th November 2016

ASSURANCE Has often been sought from the stability of stock markets, currencies and political judgements , but this in itself is a lesson for your company to shape their own destiny.

In the fallout of the US election stock markets have plunged and currency has seen a wide range of losses and gains across the world, with this in mind it leaves the destiny of your company firmly in the hands of being able to shift brand focus.

Hereby a directive decision has to be taken to utilise TV commercials prudently through maximising the strengths of countries, company’s and industries that have seen their outlook’s improved by perceived detrimental events.

Staying on top of the world's affairs can maintain your ability to press ahead with DRTV.
Staying on top of world affairs can maintain your ability to press ahead with DRTV.

For instance in the wake of the election today, Wednesday, 9 November, gold has seen its worth skyrocket to levels not seen since before the Brexit vote, while gains have been made against the dollar ensuring a marginally more cost effective reason to produce an ad in the US, should that be pertinent to your brand.

Conversely by utilising these trends immediately, a resurgence or buoyancy can be found commercially using direct response mechanisms, jumping on the current uncertainty and fallout from unforeseen events to add temporal gains to your business through an immediate call to action.

By responding proactively to seemingly adverse market conditions, consumer and business confidence can be restored, presenting stability at a time where markets are fearing volatility.

Therefore to utilise this temporal commercial gain, which in the wake of the this particular breakdown appears even more momentary than the ongoing Brexit uncertainty, time is of a premium to exploit such opportunities.

In the hours after the result, forecasts from the financial analysers at Deutsche Bank in Germany, Lloyds in the UK and BMO Capital in America itself all declared that any gains would be transient and not represent a lasting trend.

Having lost two per cent to the Pound early in trading, the Dollar recovered losses to just 0.14 per cent to the pound, underlying the relative market change despite such a cataclysmic political shift.

To add further credence to the theory that companies need not fear market volatility is the recovery the FTSE 100 has undertaken, in the wake of the ongoing uncertainty that has come with negotiating to leave the EU.

Currency's transient nature ensures there's always an opportunity for your company.
Currency’s transient nature ensures there’s always an opportunity for your company.

Within a month of the vote both the FTSE 100 and 250 recovered their losses from that day, with commercial budgets increasing by 1.9 per cent leading up to Christmas, belying the forecast of perspective losses and deflation of the market.

Thus to deliver a hard-hitting campaign and if Donald Trump and his astonishing journey to the White House is anything to go by, the power of offering something creative, a brand affirming message, one that does not mimic what has gone before has served Trump at least the Presidency, as well as millions of Dollars in savings compared to Hillary Clinton’s ad spend.

The time is yours to move your brand, product or service onto the next level, thinking of a new commercial: think Space City.




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