YouTube ad blocking stance good for TV

7th April 2017

YOUTUBE Has taken the step to install a minimum view level before ads can be displayed on content, ensuring ad quality has to increase.

Although hardly dwindling, the emphasis of content has focused more on DRTV or response driven creative that seeks to offer a complimentary solution for consumers; linking to familiar scenarios, allied to personal pronouns that creates temporal resonance.

However as you seek to implement a fiscally conscious advertising plan amidst ongoing Brexit related uncertainty, a shift towards the long-term will yield greater results, ROI, KPI achievement and the potential to monetise your content.

DRTV, although the most effective means of eliciting short term sales uplifts, offers weak efficiency in comparison to branded content.

Although consumer spending has remained buoyant during the initial negotiations and legal wrangling in the High Court, over the terms of the UK’s withdrawal from the EU, savings have been reduced to an all-time low.

Factoring increasing inflation, the ever decreasing buffer of savings can no longer deflate at their current rates to absorb the increases in spending, therefore impulse will be less prominent throughout the remainder of 2017 and beyond.

YouTube has acted upon the recent extremist content scandal by implementing measures that ensure new or unregulated channels cannot besmirch the brand perception of your business.

While this would seem more profitable news for online and Google’s own commercial revenues returning, such a measure ensures that your own content can be disseminated online once more in the form of versions.

YouTube has reestablished its credibility, ensuring TV can maximise its ability to generate sales.
YouTube has reestablished its credibility, ensuring TV can maximise its ability to generate sales.

Although this is commercially more costly, allying your own existing ads to like minded content to potential consumers realtime, will mobilise your content further to a conversion level.

Without such measures being implemented your online ad strategy post TV would be potentially compromised, if as of previous non-regulation your content could be associated with any channel or video of any credibility.

Although not necessarily the fault of burgeoning YouTube contributors, more amateur or compromised content could also subliminally distort your public perception as a result of non-existant quality control.

However with a minimal threshold now in place, any content your own brand may be associated with would have been appraised by YouTube.

The Partner Program- as it is styled- will ensure any future channels that receive more than 10,000 views will be vetted as a part of a wider measure of ensuring that content hosted by YouTube is safe and uncontentious.

As a result your TV content that provides the stimulus to get your viewers online in the first instance, will be supplemented by credible online content that can maintain your brand image consistently as you look to reinforce your overall brand identity.

Therefore any controversial channels or content that could bring your own image into disrepute are safeguarded from advertising, but of course not from disseminating their material.

Although this is still an issue for Google’s algorithms, in terms of eliminating the content entirely, your business’ fears of association with such material can now be allayed.

In this form, shorter DRTV ads would be more appropriate to focus on the sale, having already garnered the trust of the consumer as a result of TV; amid the ability consumers have and will pay to limit ads to five seconds, ensuring a clear call-to-action is implemented is vital.

Optimise your YouTube ads with clear, decisive call-to-actions.
Optimise your YouTube ads with clear, decisive call-to-actions.

The most successful ads overall in terms of long-term efficiency last for at least 10-seconds on TV, with research by the IPA revealing that as the average time to attract the consumer’s attention.

Therefore any response driven content would be most timely at the point where your consumers are potentially looking to purchase products or services, in more spend averse times this will be online.

TV though continues to boost online’s efficiency and given the power of TV ads, that are still the leading consumer stimulant and generate 33% of all organic online search, thus any campaign that is to succeed amid financial uncertainty needs to be underpinned by TV.

Crucially though it is the recovering credibility of YouTube that can ensure your direct response campaigns can succeed amid more precarious consumer spending times.

DRTV as an entity can still succeed if your business is more modular in nature, however for businesses who provide a more generic annual service, for instance offer goods or services of more regular necessity, brand response TV advertising will optimise your growth.

By allying this trait of advertising to YouTube you can create a platform for your content that provides a pressure free and engagement focused facility.

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