Social media: three ways to optimise your ads for it

1st August 2018

TV commercial production and social media adverts do not always help each other, but find out how you can optimise both to boost ROI and improve CPA rates

SOCIAL Media is a force for engagement that cannot be ignored across all advertising markets, but how can your business make subtle changes to improve sales?

Although TV continues to reign supreme where TV advertising is concerned, social media outlets are provide bespoke means of engagement that are immersive, but not memorable.

The key to any successful advertising campaign — whether online or on TV — is to ensure it is relevant omni-platform and audience.

In order to ensure of relevance, subtle programmatic changes are needed to ensure that you boost the chances of engagement, resonance, memorability and sales increases.

Know how you want your consumers to engage with TV and social media advertising production

If you are looking for your consumers to instantly engage with your ad, showing them how they can facilitate engagement and purchasing is key – it can also assist with memorability.

When an advert is relevant, it boosts conversation. If you are advertising to mass consumer groups, it is key to feature conversation in the ads themselves; conversely, in ads that feature niche interests, a voiceover addressing the consumer is ineffably effective over a live-action or animation that offers a problem/solution.

By using the latest means of targeting, you can dictate in your KPIs that you want to target consumers who maybe accessing a particular ad through a certain device, before sending them a particular version that is relevant to them.

Cost-effective TV advert from Space City for Buy 2 Let Cars
Having device-specific commercial productions, which are relevant to consumers, will boost social media engagement

Knowing if a particular consumer uses a tablet, laptop, desktop, or phone is key as you showcase the ease of engaging and acquiring a product or service from you – this can assist with relevance.

When creating ads, ensuring that you have versions of the ad that utilise shots to accommodate certain lifestyles is imperative.

If you are advertising to a consumer on social media who lives alone, showing them a family scene would reduce the chances of neural coupling and lower response rates.

Similarly, advertising on linear TV needs to be personalised — and can be — to boost resonance, without compromising production values or the creative.

Embed augmented reality into TV and social media advertising

The flexibility that is offered by both TV and online marketing solutions is unparalleled compared to a decade ago, yet the exploitation of some of the most effective advertising techniques has been minimal.

Server-side insertion of ads in reaction to certain events has been commonplace online and across social media, but using the same principles through addressable TV has not been so prolific.

Optimising both of these avenues will assist with social media engagement, reach and trust – all vital for long-term ROI and response.

Online and TV advertising working together ensures of a more efficient advertising output and can add at least 10% to overall ROI.

When you are looking to elicit response omniplatform, ensuring that the respective campaigns run concurrently across both TV and social media is key.

By knowing who viewed your ad and when, you can retarget those consumers through social media and create an organic consumer journey.

Through adding demographic or location-based text or visuals to your advertising production, the creative will still inhabit brand relevance and consistency, but will provide increased response leverage.

TV advertising production company, Space City deliver cost-effective TV commercial for Lifestyle Bids
Talking about social media, or adding personal references will boost online advertising production engagement.

Embed social aspects into your scripts

Given you will need to have multiple versions of ads, which may also be needed in various countries, choosing to integrate the dialogue either off camera, or via imagery generated on phone, tablet and other screens, you can ensure that viewers are more likely to assimilate.

By preparing actions for your artists, which you want your consumers to replicate, your ads will naturally enjoy more online engagement.

Through increasing interest generation for the platforms that cultivate the greatest volumes of consumer data, you can improve consumer insights – generating an understanding with your TV campaigns to deliver more complimentary creatives in future.

Data is crucial, but without the insights that reveal why, rather than the fact someone did view your website, or bought from you, for instance, you will not learn anything.

Therefore, taking your social media and comparing differing engagement traits through A/B testing and delivering what consumers desire from ads online — convenience and instant gratification — will serve to promote a more sales centric medium.

Beginning this process at the point of interest generation is imperative as you look to optimise ROI, achieve KPIs and gather more useful data for your business.

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