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A little bit about us

We are Space City, an award-winning TV commercial production company and TV advertising agency, based in London, Manchester and Bristol.

Established in 1992, with over 30 years of experience, we pride ourselves on producing high-production-value content at a cost-effective rate.

Whatever your budget and however hands-on you wish to be in your production, we ensure our friendly production team keeps you informed throughout the entire creative process, from taking your TV advertising campaign brief to getting your ad on screen. See our full list of services.

More about us

Based in London, Manchester and Bristol

We are Space City, an award-winning TV advertising production company in London, Manchester and Bristol.

Meet the team

Our in-house production team will take care of your needs while working collaboratively. Take a look at who you’ll be working with!

Meet the team

We’re experts

We’re a tight-knit team of TVRadio and Online/Social Media advertising specialists. Our dynamic team ensures your campaign process is a breeze from start to finish. Don’t believe us, then there are probably a few awards we should give back.

We’re cost-effective

With over 30 years of experience as a TV commercial production agency in London, Manchester and Bristol, we know all there is to know about DRTV & BRTV advertising, with deep industry knowledge. With a great in-house team and a diverse pool of freelancers at our fingertips, we know exactly how to keep your costs down whilst providing a high production service and outcome.

We’re creative

We believe the creative process is paramount when producing a successful campaign, no matter what the deliverables. This is why our idea generation & scripting phase alone encompasses multiple stages and departments, whilst still being turned around in our 1 – 2 week timeframe.

We’re ambitious

We’re determined to create campaigns against set objectives and deliver proven ROI.

We always deliver

We are proud to deliver high-production, cost-effective deliverables, with the majority of our clients becoming repeat business. Clearly, we’re doing something right!

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