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About Us – Space City – The Home Of TV Commercials

We are Space City, an award-winning TV advertising production company in London, Manchester and Bristol too. 

Established in 1992, with over 30 years experience, we pride ourselves on producing high production value content, at a cost-effective rate.

Whatever your budget and however hands on you wish to be in your production, we ensure our friendly production team keep you informed throughout the entire creative process, from taking your project brief, to getting your ad on screen.

We specialise in in Direct Response Television (DRTV), Brand Response TV (BRTV), Commercial Versioning, Radio advertising, Online/Social Media content, Cinema Advertising, Sponsorship Bumpers, Video Editing, Versioning & Reversioning services, Bespoke Music Composition, On-Set Stills, Studio/BTS Photography, and Creative Idea Generation & Scripting. We regularly work with challenger brands and first-time TV advertisers.

Ultimately our job is to drive traffic to your website, app or telephone boosting sales and increasing brand awareness.

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Our Clients

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“We’ve so enjoyed working with Space City on this project. So impressed from the initial pitch to completion!” – Sarah Finlayson


“We are very happy with how Space City managed the production of our TV ad – super organised and proactive. I appreciated the fact nobody ever said ‘No, we can’t do this!’” – GIULIA TURBIGLIO


“We’re really happy with the way the ad turned out. The animation is excellent and it’s always a pleasure to work with Justin. He was incredibly accommodating to our changes. Glad to see the production process can work so well remotely” – Trish Sing


“We’re really pleased to see the creative come to life. Space City has done a great job and Katherine Ryan was amazing” – Alexis Harrison

Alzheimer’s Society

“We have had a great experience working with Alice and the whole Space City team. All of the adverts we have made with them have worked really well for us. Thanks Space City” – Yev Fairchild

Virgin Experience Days

“We find Steph and the team extremely easy to work with. Great value and always impressive turnaround speeds. Refreshingly pragmatic to deal with, ego-free and take feedback very well” – Robbie Povey

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Meet the Team

Our in-house production team will take care of your needs whilst working collaboratively. Take a look at who you’ll be working with!

Meet the team

We are proud to be experts In the following areas:

Our Ethos

We’re Experts

We are a tight knit team of TV, Radio and Online Advertising specialists. Our dynamic team ensures your campaign process is a breeze from start to finish. Don’t believe us, then there’s probably a few awards we should give back.

We’re Cost-Effective

With over 30 years of experience being a TV commercial production agency in London, Manchester and Bristol, know all there is to know about DRTV & BRTV advertising, we have incredible industry knowledge. With a great In-House team and a diverse pool of freelancers at our fingertips we know exactly how to keep your costs down whilst providing a high production service and outcome.

We’re Creative

We believe the creative process is paramount when producing a successful campaign no matter what the deliverables. This is why our idea generation and scripting phase alone encompasses multiple stages and departments. Whilst still being turned around within our 1-2 week timeframe.

We’re Ambitious

We’re determined to create campaigns that deliver against set objectives and deliver proven ROI.

We Always Deliver

We are proud to deliver high production cost effective deliverables, with the majority of our clients becoming repeat business. Clearly we’re doing something right!

Our Services In A Nutshell


Space City are a TV ad production company that specialise in Direct Response Television (DRTV), Brand Response TV (BRTV), Radio advertising, Online/Social Media content, Cinema Advertising, and Sponsorship Bumpers, Bespoke Music CompositionOn-Set Stills, Studio/BTS Photography,  and Creative Idea Generation & Scripting.


We also offer post production services such as commercial Versioning, Re-Versioning and Transmission for new and existing commercials to improve response or refresh old creatives.


A majority of our services also benefit from our In-house facilities such as:

  • Our three HD Edit Suites using Premier, Avid, as well as Da Vinci grading.
  • Our Casting Studio with a separate casting reception, a runner/receptionist, basic equipment included or competitively priced freelancers with their own specialist kit.
  • Our Audio Recording studios, these can be booked by the hour, half-day, full-day or week. We offer discounted rates for larger projects and can accommodate complex multi-language productions.

For more information contact our team.

Find Out More About Space City In Latest News:

Space City, being a TV ad production company take care of all stages of production – from script to screen.

Whether you are new to TV, a challenger brand or a well known company. Based on your client brief, we come up with a number of creative ideas, each accompanied by a storyboard and/or an animatic video, as well as an itemised budget and a detailed production schedule.

We then assign a dedicated producer to each project. They will then be the main point of contact throughout the production process.

Space City has extensive in-house facilities, including three 4K edit suites, a recording studio, and a casting studio.

This means we can cost-effectively and efficiently take care of all stages of your TV campaign, from TV advertising agency briefing, advert production, advert clearance, advert post-production, advert versioning (if applicable) and transmission,

TV advertising in the UK is strictly regulated by Clearcast. All scripts and commercials are checked against the UK Codes of advertising (the BCAP and CAP Codes) to ensure they are not misleading, harmful or offensive.

Space City having over 30 years of experience as an advertising production agency, means we have an excellent working relationship with Clearcast, so we can ensure our productions are cleared without undue delay.

Once a commercial is finished, we will retain all of the production assets at our London office, as well as back-up copies off-site. This means we can easily amend, update or re-edit commercials in the future.

We also arrange for the distribution of transmission copies to the various TV stations, both in the UK and abroad – We upload finished commercials to a delivery platform, where technical quality checks are carried out.

Based on our production schedules, we will aim to get commercials to stations for transmission about 3-5 days before the first air date.

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