Clearcast Approval

Every advert that goes on TV has to be approved in advance by the industry regulator - Clearcast.

This clearance happens twice during the production process – once at the initial scripting stage, and once on completion of the final film.

All our production staff are fully Clearcast trained and qualified to offer advice on scripting issues and substantiation in order to back up advertising claims.

We would never present an idea that would fail to get Clearcast approval. Having been in the business for over 25 years, we are well aware of the rules and regulations set out in the BCAP and CAP codes (the UK Codes of Advertising).

Last year alone we had over 3,000 adverts approved by Clearcast for TV – so we are in regular contact.

If you’re having trouble getting an advert cleared we are happy to offer the clearance process as a stand alone service.

Contact us now to find out what we would suggest.

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