Clearcast Approval

Every advert that goes on TV has to be approved in advance by the industry regulator - Clearcast.

All of our production staff are Clearcast trained and qualified to offer scripting and substantiation advice.

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What Is Clearcast UK?

Clearcast UK is a governing body that oversees the clearance of commercials for Television. In the UK, broadcasters aren’t allowed to show adverts that are misleading, harmful or offensive. Before ads are approved, Clearcast check them against the UK Codes of Advertising (the BCAP and CAP Codes), which set out what is and isn’t permitted.

Why Is Clearcast Needed?

The Clearcast guideline and process is in place to ensure decisions are consistent across the board. This includes challenging and checking content, and ultimately deciding whether an advert is acceptable to go on Television. When an advert is deemed acceptable, certain timing restrictions or legal text may apply.

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Remember the phrase, “Don’t believe everything you see on TV”, well actually TV advertising is the most reliable when compared to online, social media and print advertising.

This is because in order to get a commercial on air and for it hold up against any scrutiny that may come its way, it has to first go through Clearcast – the UK Governing body for TV advert clearance.

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How Space City Work With Clearcast?

We are experts in Clearcast TV guideline and approval, with all members of the production team being fully trained. This clearance happens twice during the production process – once at the initial scripting stage, and once on completion of the final film.

Presenting Only Approvable Ideas

We would never present an idea that would fail to get Clearcast approval. Having been in the business for over 30 years, we are well aware of the rules and regulations set out in the BCAP and CAP codes (the UK Codes of Advertising).

Recent Examples

Last year alone we had over 3,000 adverts approved by Clearcast for TV – so we are in regular contact. If you’re having trouble getting an advert cleared we are happy to offer the clearance process as a stand alone service. Check out a few of our adverts below that got approved this year:

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Feel Multivitamins – All artists were required to sample a month supply before claiming it helped their “hair, skin & Nails”. Meaning their claims are true.

“We would never present an idea that would fail to get Clearcast Approval” – This means that If your advert gets a complaint (perhaps by a competitor), it doesn’t matter, because Clearcast have deemed it fit to stay on the air!

Bonne maman – All food captured had to be ingredients connected to Bonne Maman’s products, so as not to falsely represent the recipe.

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Who Funds Clearcast?

Clearcast are owned and funded by ITV,  Channel 4, Turner and Sky. These governing bodies ensure all TV commercials that are passed are appropriate for TV and the audience ratings they are categorised under.


How Long Does Clearcast Approval Take?

Typically the rule of thumb is leave as much time as possible for clearance, and also provide us with substantiation/evidence for claims ahead of being asked. However for a more accurate timeframe, depending on the complexity of your ad, the average approval time is between 2-3 weeks, which of course can vary either side. We are able to give you a much better timeframe after we have a finalised script and all of your substantiation.

The Stages To Getting Your Advert Clearcast Approved?

Gaining Clearcast UK clearance is a three stage process:
1. We submit your script for approval (Beforehand your script would have undergone this process)
2. After your shoot, we ingest the rushes and submit a rough edit of your advert for approval (this stage is not compulsory but we strongly recommend it as it can clear up any issues as soon as possible)
3. Finally, we submit your completed advert to Clearcast TV for sign off.

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