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Radio commercials using a consistent jingle, voice over, music track and messaging can aid brand recognition and boost TV response rates.

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Radio Advertising Audience

Nothing could be further from the truth. Radio is on a roll. There are more commercial UK radio stations than ever before, and the overall audience for radio is going up rather than down. Add in the popularity of on-demand audio services (i.e. podcasts) and you can see that the potential for an advertiser is enormous.

Engagement to Radio

Radio is the medium that people spend time with during the day, providing ample opportunities for a message to reach its audience. People can do other things while listening to the radio. And there is evidence that listeners are less likely to “tune out” or leave the room when a commercial comes on than those who watch TV.

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Radio Advert Cost Savings

The other advantages are that creating a radio commercial is relatively simple: just a recording studio and maybe just one voice. Add more voices, music, a well-known celebrity and lots of sound effects. However it’s created, the process is much more straightforward and less costly than producing a TV commercial.

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Adding Music To A Radio Advert

Add music (Space City specially compose their music), and a variety of voices and sound effects, and the standard of you radio advert increases, however of course the radio commercial production cost increases also, the budget typically rises to around £2,000 – £3,000.

How Can Space City Help?

With the help of Space City you could find that you can get the services of a well-known celebrity for quite an affordable figure. Many celebrities who would charge £100,000+ to appear in a TV commercial would expect no more than £5,000 – £10,000 to present a radio commercial, (with that figure including unlimited usage for one year).

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Combining Radio & TV Advertising

Radio advertising can be particularly effective when it is used in conjunction with TV advertising. Space City will often produce a radio commercial alongside an existing TV advertising project, (Motorway). The radio ad might use many of the same elements – a similar script, the same actors and/or the same music. This of course makes it very cost-effective to produce, even if it is not intended as the primary medium for the campaign.

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