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Hit the right audience at the right time with radio advertising. Radio is on a roll. There are more commercial UK radio stations than ever before, and the overall audience for radio is going up rather than down. Add in the popularity of on-demand audio services (i.e. podcasts) and you can see that the potential for an advertiser is enormous.

At Space City, our radio commercial production team has the deep industry knowledge and expertise to produce a radio ad that boosts sales and improves brand perception. Whether your aim is to drive traffic to your store or website, promote your product or service, or simply create a lasting impression on your audience, we’re here to bring your radio commercial to life.

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Space City’s radio advertising examples

Our radio advertising production agency has over 30 years’ experience. We know what it takes to create radio advertisements that resonate with your listeners. For example, radio commercials using a consistent jingle, voice-over, music track and messaging can aid brand recognition and boost TV response rates. Check out some of our radio ads for exciting challenger brands below:

Radio advertising advantages

Radio advertising has a wide reach, can be less expensive than other forms of advertising and has fantastic audience targeting opportunities with so many radio channels. Get in touch now to discover how we can help produce a professional radio ad in ur in-house recording studio and drive ROI for your business through a bespoke radio commercial.

Space City’s radio commercial production process

Step 1

The brief

Similar to when we produce a DRTV campaign, we have a creative process to get the job done to the highest standards Space City holds itself to.

Together - Brand Response
Step 2

Getting to know you

We start by asking the key questions, “What are your objectives”, “Who is your radio advertising target audience” and, “Why would your audience want your product or service?”. We’ll help you dig in to the final details to build a strong buyer profile for better targeting and maximum results. Once we know the answers to these questions, we assign the most suitable Producer to your campaign, who will then devise the best strategy for your radio advertisement.

Step 3


We then go away for and spend 2 – 3 weeks devising a number of strategies and radio commercial ideas bespoke to your brand. We then present these back to you, and if you’re happy with what we present, our in-house team will get to work on organising, designing or editing your campaign.

You are invited to be as hands-on or uninvolved as you like throughout this process – although we do advise if we are shooting content for you that a member of your team be present to ensure everything is just as you imagined.

Step 4


We ensure we abide by the standards upheld by the strictest clearance agency for all of our campaigns, (Radiocentre), meaning your content is always truthful and reliable.

Step 5


Once your radio advertising campaign has been edited, it is ready for launch, and we implement it on your chosen channels.


How much does UK radio advertising cost?

The cost of radio advertising in the UK can vary depending on a variety of factors such as the time of day, the length of the ad, the station, and the audience size. Generally, the cost is calculated based on the number of listeners the radio station has and the popularity of the time slot. 

Excluding production costs for the actual advert, the average cost of a 30-second radio advert in the UK is around £200 – £400, but this can go up to thousands of pounds for prime time slots on popular stations. Radio advertising rates can differ depending on the number of artists, if you want specifically composed music etc. 

A very simple radio commercial, including script, creative, production and clearance can be made for under £1,000. But that might be based on a single voice, albeit a professional actor. Add music (Space City can specially compose your radio ad music), and a variety of voices and sound effects, and the standard of your radio advert increases. However, of course, the radio cad production costs also increase, with the budget typically rising to around £2,000 – £3,000.


Space City creates bespoke ads based on your needs. Get in touch now for a customised quotation and guidance.

What are the benefits of radio advertising?

Radio advertising offers several benefits. Firstly, it has a wide reach and can target a large audience at once. Additionally, it can be cost-effective compared to other forms of advertising, making it ideal for businesses with limited budgets. 

Radio stations have specific formats, demographics, and audience profiles, making it easier to target ideal customers. Radio ads can be played repeatedly throughout the day, increasing exposure frequency and keeping brands top of mind for listeners. Radio has a personal touch, and listeners often form emotional connections with their favourite radio personalities and stations, building trust and credibility. Finally, radio advertising is flexible and can be customised to suit advertiser needs, including ad length, time of day, and frequency.

Are radio ads effective?

Yes, radio ads can be effective in reaching and influencing audiences. Radio has the power to engage listeners through the use of sound effects, music, and voiceovers, which can create an emotional connection with the audience. The repetition of ads can also increase brand awareness and recognition, and the ability to target specific demographics and listener profiles can result in more efficient and effective advertising. 

Studies have shown that radio advertising can drive brand recall, increase purchase intent, and even boost online searches for advertised products or services. Radio advertising can be tracked and measured, with tools available such as calls to action and unique URL tracking to monitor the effectiveness of radio ad campaigns and adjust strategies as needed. According to research by Radiocentre, the regulatory body for commercial radio in the UK, radio advertising produces an ROI of £7.70 for every pound spent.

Combining radio advertising with TV advertising

Radio advertising can be particularly effective when it is used in conjunction with TV advertising. Space City will often produce a radio commercial alongside an existing TV advertising project. The radio ad might use many of the same elements – a similar script, the same actors and/or the same music. This of course makes it very cost-effective to produce, even if it is not intended as the primary medium for the campaign.

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