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What To Consider When Making a brand Response Advert


This one appears pretty obvious right? Well without a call to action, your ad is substantially less likely to get a “response” unless you’re an incredibly popular household name, such as Cadbury, John Lewis etc. The power of a brand response call to action is in the integration of the ad as a whole – if you simply stick an endboard graphic and a promo code to the video and hope it works, it’s unlikely to as your audience will experience a mixed message. The trick is to Define the exact action you want to generate with your ad, then use this to guide your entire narrative. Otherwise the story elements can feel arbitrary and actually hinder your objective.


As we touched upon above, brand response advertising requires an actual narrative, it must reach beyond a simple testimonial, presenter, problem-solution, or how-to video. Of course these are all great DR tools, however for a brand response advert they feel too functional and ‘like a pitch’. With BR You need to show, not tell. A testimonial ad for instance won’t become brand response simply by the presenter wearing a memorable costume, a successful brand response advert will illustrate a narrative that causes an actual emotional connection and response. A top tip for deciding on your advertising story is to make sure that the plot actually sounds interesting before you’ve even sourced a cast, crew, props and location. Then it is up to you to ensure there are moments in the story that are calibrated for maximum humour, empathy, pathos, or whatever emotion you’re intending to install.

3 – Transition

Transition is when your adverts story begins to provide sales information needed to convert interest to sales. A stereotypical strategy is to spend 15 seconds advertising a comedic scene or scenario, followed by then underlining the solution to the exact problem it’s describing. You’d then likely transition into 15 seconds of more classic DR advertising to really hammer home your brand and call to action. Effectivly, once you’ve earned the audience’s trust and attention, that’s when you transition from storytelling to sales. Ideally the moment of the transition should feel organic and rewarding. The actual announcement of what product or service the scenario is advertising gets the biggest and most rewarding emotive response.

4 – Aspiration/Needs

It’s common knowledge that benefits to a consumer are more alluring and persuasive than advertising your product features. This is because the benefits of your product or service are connected to the customer’s aspirations/needs. Brands know this, and intertwine their ethos and marketing in order to connect with their demographics aspirations and needs on a deeper level. In addition to the call to action, the brand response narrative should illustrate a consumer mindset: I will buy this because I want: a more organised life, a healthier life, a happier life. In conclusion, all of you ad creative choices need to reinforce how you want your audience to feel, a  clearcut understanding of their aspirations and needs is the key to marketing to a relevant audience, and ensuring they perform your call to action.

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