Advert Versioning

What is Advert Versioning?

So what is Advert Versioning? Well, If you have say a 30 second TV advert that needs cutdown versions creating, either for a new TV advert or for other platforms including print, Online, social etc. Space City are able to take your pre-existing TV production assets and re-edit them to make brand new 10 second and 20 second versions.

Why Version Your Advert?

Transcreation & Advert versioning is a cost effective method of updating your campaigns, adverts and digital content. Similarly animated packshot replacement is an excellent substitute for re-shoots.

Increasing Your Content

Versioning or Re-versioning is great for creating new deliverables tailored to different platforms using existing content. Meaning you could have multiple new social media videos and/or stills without the costs of a re-shoot attached. Saving you money whilst providing your company with a new collection of brand material to use as you please.

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Space City and Advert Versioning

Last year we created over 3,000 versions of adverts on your TV now! When it comes to updating, re-editing or versioning of an existing TV commercial, Space City can help! With our award-winning versioning services we can assist on any project. We always offer advert versioning when pitching our creatives, we include cutdowns and social media edits within our production quotes.

Our Versioning Facilities

Our post-production facilities offer a cost effective way of versioning, reversioning, re-editing and updating your advert. These terms all come under the post-production stage – we offer cut downs, re-edits for different platforms, translation, trascreation, on-screen text amendments, effectively any edit that needs to happen. We don’t just offer this for TV ad versioning, it is for any video versioning, check out the list of services we offer.

Saving Advertising Costs

Because our edit suites are In-house your ad versioning is cheaper than ever, if you are coming to us with existing content that you require new versions for, we are able to pass those cost saving onto you. We also version projects for TV adverts from foreign masters, this often includes re-titling and an edit. We also offer new voice-over and music composition suitable for niche markets.

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What Is Transcreation?

Transcreation is the combination of two words: translation and creation. It is the act of translating your video whilst preserving the original context, tone, and intention. Originally conceived by marketing and advertising professionals, the aim of transcreation is to replicate your adverts message harmoniously, without audiences picking up on a translation ever having occurred. The outcome should give audiences the intended emotional experience as the original video.

Space City and Transcreation

We are experts in transcreation edits, creating UK versions of TV adverts from foreign assets for over 30 years. To achieve this we just need your video masters and we take care of the rest! We also take care of  updating artist usage rights, music tracks and voice-over artists If required.

Understanding The Difference

Space City understand the difference between Transcreation and Translation – Transcreation is only achieved on Syncsound TV Commercials. Translation is when an advert is VO and on screen text only, we also specialise in language translation advert re-edits.

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What is a Packshot Replacement?

Packshot replacement is is a cost effective way of updating an existing TV advert. Let’s say a clients branding has been updated, however the narrative of their existing advert is still relevant. Space City are able to re-edit the advert graphics and endboard to include the updated product photography.

Space City & Packshot Replacement

We can do this a number of ways including photography re-shoots of the updated product packaging. Through Photo manipulation using professional editing software and Adobe creative suite services. Or If you already have all of the updated packshot assets, we can simply edit these into your advert. For more information regarding Packshots, visit our Photography page.

Space City Examples

A couple of great recent examples of Space City updating a clients TV advert with packshots are Bella & Duke, Bonne Maman, Jane Plan. For more examples of our recent work visit our showreel page.

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Advert Captions, Legal Text & Offer updates

Using a clean version of your existing video, we are able to re-edit your advert including updated captions, legal text and/or DRTV endboards. These can either replicate the current advert or comply with your updated brand guidelines if applicable.

Editing non-clean Versions

We are occasionally trusted to create new TV advert captions on ads where the existing text is unable to be taken off of the master copy, Meaning we have to obscure existing graphics and text with updated offers and legals. At Space city we pride ourselves on taking on the challenge!

For more information regarding our editing facilities, please visit here.

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