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Video editing and ad versioning benefits

Make your content go further and save money by reaching a larger audience across a range of channels. Video editing & ad versioning is the process of creating cutdown versions of pre-existing TV advertisements for use on different platforms such as print, online, and social media. It’s a cost-effective method of updating campaigns and creating new content by re-editing existing assets. Space City offers versioning services for any video versioning, including cut downs, re-edits, translations, and transcreation.

Transcreation is the act of translating a video while preserving its original context, tone, and intention. It aims to replicate the message of an advert in a way that gives audiences the same emotional experience as the original video. As a leading UK transcreation agency, Space City is an expert in transcreation edits and can create UK versions of TV adverts from foreign assets.

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Video editing and ad versioning examples

Last year we created over 3,000 versions of the adverts that are on your TV now! We have over 30 years’ experience delivering video editing, versioning, and transcreation services for exciting challenger brands. Check out some of our versioning and re-versioning examples below, including Bella & Duke, Bonne Maman, and Jane Plan: 

Packshot photography services

Packshot replacement is a cost-effective way of updating an existing TV advert by re-editing the graphics and endboard to include updated product photography. Space City offers packshot replacement services using photography re-shoots, photo manipulation, or by editing existing packshot assets. We can do this in a number of ways including photography re-shoots of the updated product packaging and through photo manipulation using professional editing software and Adobe creative suite services. Or, if you already have all of the updated packshot assets, we can simply edit these into your advert. For more information regarding Packshots, visit our Photography page.

Our video editing and ad versioning process

Step 1

The brief

Similar to when we produce a DRTV or BRTV campaign, we have a creative process to get the job done to the highest standards Space City holds itself to.

Together - Brand Response
Step 2

Getting to know you

We start by asking the key questions about your target audience, goals, platforms, style and tone of the adverts you’d like us to version or re-version. We’ll then assign the most suitable Producer to your campaign, who will then devise the best strategy for versioning or re-versioning your advertisements.

Step 3

Send over your assets

We then just need your video masters and we take care of the rest! We also take care of updating artist usage rights, or music production and voice-over artists if required. We then present a list of all your required versions for sign-off. In addition to versioning and transcreation, Space City offers services for updating captions, legal text, and DRTV endboards. We can also edit non-clean versions of ads where existing text cannot be removed.

Our ad versioning facilities

Our post-production facilities offer a cost-effective way of versioning, re-versioning, re-editing and updating your advert. Our in-house edit suites make versioning cheaper than ever, and they pass these cost savings onto clients.

Step 4


We’ll then get to work editing and versioning / re-versioning your ads. We offer cut-downs, re-edits for different platforms, translation, transcreation, and on-screen text amendments – effectively any edit that needs to happen! We don’t just offer this for TV ad versioning, it’s for any video versioning, check out the list of services we offer.

Step 5

Packaging and sending over your assets

Once we’ve edited and versioned / re-versioned your advertisement, we’ll package this up and send over for review via, or send directly to stations based on your media plan.


How much does video editing and versioning cost?

The cost of video editing and versioning can vary depending on the specific project requirements, the complexity of the edits, the length of the video, and the level of expertise required. Space City offers cost-effective video editing and versioning services and will provide a quote based on the specific needs of the project.

What is the difference between transcreation and translation?

Space City understand the difference between transcreation and translation. Transcreation is only achieved on Syncsound TV commercials. Translation is when an advert is VO and on-screen text only. We also specialise in language translation advert re-edits.

What are examples of transcreation?

Transcreation in video editing involves the translation and adaptation of video content to a specific culture or market while maintaining its original intent, tone, and emotional impact. Some examples of transcreation in video editing include:

  • Localising content: Adapting video content for different markets, such as translating the script, changing cultural references, or using local actors.
  • Tone and style: Ensuring the tone and style of the video resonate with the local audience and align with the brand’s message.
  • Humour and idioms: Adjusting humour, idioms, and colloquialisms that might not translate directly to other languages or cultures.
  • Audio and music: Translating voiceovers, selecting appropriate music, and ensuring that they align with the cultural values and preferences of the target market.
  • Visuals: Making changes to graphics, images, and on-screen text to suit the target market. This can include changes to colours, symbols, and other visual elements.

What else do we offer?

We are also trusted to create new TV advert captions on ads where the existing text is unable to be taken off of the master copy, Meaning we have to obscure existing graphics and text with updated offers and legals. At Space City we pride ourselves on taking on the challenge!

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