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Space City regularly produce online and social media content – either alongside TV as part of an integrated campaign, or more increasingly as a stand alone requirement for businesses advertising for online and/or social media purposes only.

Check out some of our example Social media only campaigns for Alzheimer’s Here:

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Alzheimer’s Society Campaigns

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What Is Online Content?

So what is online content? Online content is any material available/accessible via the Web. Including images, copy, animations, music and in this context videos.

Examples Of Where You Would See Online Video Content?

  • Websites – videos are a great instant medium to engage an audience on your website
  • Streaming sites – YouTube, Vimeo, Pinterest etc.
  • Blog Posts/Articles – Perhaps the most copy dominant method of showcasing a video in the form of web, blog posts, and articles etc.
  • White Papers, eBooks, and Reports
  • Alongside podcasts
  • Email Newsletter/Nurturing Campaigns. …
  • How-To Guides.
  • Seminars

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What Does Space city Produce?

We produce online/social media content either alongside TV in order to offer an integrated campaign, or more increasingly as a stand alone requirement for businesses advertising for online and/or social media purposes only. All Space City needs to know is the deliverables that you require and we can take care of the logistics.

Social Media Content Strategy

Having increasingly worked with clients on stand alone social media campaigns, Space City have devised a, ‘How To Develop A Winning Social Media Content Strategy’ guide. This acts as a starting point for companies to really get to grips with creating a successful social media content strategy, and allows them to understand why they should be advertising on social media if they aren’t already, or perhaps why their social media advertising isn’t working as well as they’d hoped.

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The Process Of Making Social Media and Online Content

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Your Space City Team

Your Producer will get to know your goals, inspiration, target audience, key messages, competition, budget and any other requirements in order to assemble the most appropriate team and produce the most effective advertising campaign for you possible.

What Else Do We Offer?

If shooting for both TV and online, we often allow an extra day on set to get all the content we need. We also offer:

Optimum durations and aspect ratios vary – we make sure this is covered in the pre-production stage of any project.

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Client Involvement

You are invited to be as hands on or uninvolved as you like throughout this process – Although we do advise if we are shooting content for you that a member of your team be present to ensure everything is just as you imagined.

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Nonetheless we always abide by the standards upheld by the strictest clearance agency for all of our campaigns, (Clearcast), meaning your content is always truthful and reliable.

Once your social media campaign has been edited, it is ready for launch, and we implement it on your chosen platforms.

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FAQ About Social Media and Online Advertising:

Do I Need To Advertise on Social Media?

Updates in social media are happening all of the time, and quickly. Algorithms update, users switch between popular platforms, and new features and updates emerge. This makes it tough for businesses to reach people and build a loyal following that remains up to date. Hence why TV is still the most effective medium to advertise on. However this doesn’t mean you should disregard online advertising all-together.

Advertising online and on Social Media alongside TV

When a businesses advertises through TV and online/social correctly, their branding, content, and strategic distribution across the right channels work together. When this happens social media advertising becomes an effective tool for brand growth.

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Space City Online and Social Media Advertising

Space City is more than a TV advertising agency, we specialise in producing social media and online content. Utilising our team of talented:

Here at Space City, we deliver the expertise to create engaging and click-worthy social media campaigns, either as stand alone online videos or photography, or as part of an integrated TV, online and social media campaign.

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Is It Easy Making a Social Media Campaign/Online Advert?

In actual fact it is much more straightforward making a social media campaign or stand alone online advert, than it is to create a DRTV commercial. The reason for this is that online content is not subject to Clearcast review and approval.

Advantages of Making a Social Media Campaign?

This means that any claims you make during your advertisement do not need to be substantiated. The advantage of this is that your online and social media advert’s creative idea can be as wild as you desire without having to answer to any scrutiny.

Disadvantages of Making a Social Media Campaign?

The downside to this this is that the credibility of your advertisement is questionable, and therefore may not be regarded as trustworthy or reliable to buy from/use your services.

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