Three Ways to create great adverts for less

4th April 2017

GREAT Adverts are what every marketeer and business dreams of, with three changes you can deliver a brand message that can dictate and ensure short and long term success.

With the increasing emphasis on producing ads that have credibility and truth at their core, the successful prerogative has been grossly neglected by companies utilising TV and online.

Amidst the Google display controversy and the appearance of ads alongside¬†extremist content, businesses have been withdrawing their presence from across Google’s services.

Although this is a more contemporary issue, informative, persuasive advertising that focuses on sales rather entertainment has rendered myriad online and TV ads redundant.

The issues besetting online have only highlighted a peripheral issue with advertising online: it is the content that needs readdressing.

Having endured perennial denigration for its lack of credibility, display, measurability and levels of consumer trust, online has tried to invert the perception by producing content that carries innate credibility.

This trend has been contracted by the decision makers creating TV ads, with a damning indictment of the lack of entertainment manifest given just one of the top 10 most viral ads of the last year has emanated from TV.

Online in contrast carries the remainder, yet its ability to both cultivate long-term impacts, sales and short-term uplifts is inferior to TV.

Our three steps ensure you will maintain long-term resonation with your audience, while lowering costs.
Our three steps ensure you will maintain long-term resonation with your audience, while lowering costs.

One Entertain your audience, don’t persuade them: it has only yields half the ROI

Therefore the first of our three steps towards advertising success is to ensure that you create entertaining content.

Ultimately if what you are creating is not humourous, entertaining, captivating or emotive, your content is automatically inhibited.

At a time where your share of voice, scale and reach is increased by 80% if you combine a TV campaign with online, broadcasting uninspiring content will cement your reach being restricted to just that entity.

Furthermore if you are a business that relies on modular or promotional dictated success, any DRTV commercial needs to be underpinned by your overall brand identity.

Although the most efficient means of eliciting instant sales uplifts, direct response is less efficient in the long-term at affirming brand and ROI.

Therefore particularly amid times where consumer spending is being squeezed, with inflation rising, focusing on brand response will be imperative to you optimising marketing spending.

Two – Employ a consistent brand tone and message across all platforms

This is pertinent when looking to our second step of three as you strive to improve CTR’s online, whereby a consistent style guide, logo and brand image has to be implemented.

Seven out of 10 PPC and banner ads online are completely overlooked by consumers, even the ones you are targeting.

As a result to improve not only the recognition of your ads, but also from a credibility point-of-view, ensuring any online content is intrinsically linked to your TV campaign is vital.

TV has the inherent levels of credibility and trust between it and the public despite the growing digitalisation of some TV buying metrics.

The levels of regulation ensure it should be staple of any advertising campaign, notwithstanding the vastly heightened scale it carries organically in comparison to online.

If your content is in any way inappropriate, offensive or illegal it will be fastidiously probed before broadcast.

Consequently, regardless of whether you are a new, SME or major business, your tact should be the same: creative originality over persuasive advertising.

The easiest psychological approach would be to interpret your advertising as producing entertaining video, which happens to have your brand at the heart of it.

Through the three steps, the perception that advertising is an inconvenience will shift.

Three – Decrease your creative budget and increase media spend

As a result our final step of three towards creating great adverts for less, would be to focus on lowering the cost of creative.

Some of the most successful brand and direct response ads have not been multi-million pound budget colossuses.

It is the media buying which is more pivotal to the success of your brand growing through TV and online, especially in increasingly spend averse times.

Mass spot buying is of course more expensive, but it is proven to deliver results long-term.

Given how humour and entertainment are innately subjective, delivering targeted campaigns of this nature can be counter productive, factoring the scale you could be sacrificing.

Therefore by lowering your creative costs through either reusing previous stock footage, or via production companies directly would be proficient.

Major agencies, who continue to produce remarkable ads and deliver continually rave sales results, have still failed in the main to develop content that has the ability to manipulate online.

Despite spending millions of pounds on fundamentally successful content that is captivating and entertaining, the same results can be delivered for a fraction of the cost.

For instance Space City has devised creatives that have had indelible appeal thus far, including the creatives that have elevated GoCompare, MoneySupermarket, Moonpig and Envirofone to name but a few to avid success.

By dramatically reducing your creative bill, you can utilise the same recipe for success as major businesses, yet saving enormous sums of money that can be plied into media buying.

Space City has been producing TV, online and radio ads for 25 years, offering accessible costs without compromise on creative, ensuring your business can focus on exploiting the creative we provide for you.

Contact the team now and find out how much your business can save with TV and Space City in 2017.



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