Ad regulation on TV reaffirms its trust

8th February 2017

AD Regulation on TV has been inherently watertight throughout its duration: with the dependance on digital metrics growing this is not about to change.

Amid the recent fine imposed upon Vizio of $2.2 million after selling data gathered through its smart TV platform, concerns of TV losing its erstwhile credibility have been dismissed.

Naturally TV advertising has maintained its trust and resonation with consumers, considering the lack of financial or ethical incentives in place to exploit loopholes.

Within traditional TV advertising, whereby ad regulation and stipulations linked to consumer transparency are at the forefront of clearance, dependability and trust has remained strong; well above online.

However given the rise in addressable, interactive and programmatic ad delivery, digital derived technology has been increasingly implemented to understand individual audiences more intently.

With this increase in data inventory, businesses, production companies and media buyers have been able to work more collaboratively to deliver ads which can guarantee effectiveness, reducing ad waste.

Although this tact is not the most cost-effective strategy for every business entity, it continues to yield great benefits in reaching those who are already interested in your services, while eliminating those who definitely would not be.

Regulation ensures that TV ad dependability can continue to thrive.
Regulation ensures that TV ad dependability can continue to thrive.

Given this surge in data generated through TV and digital ads, cases of unethical and illegal activities have led to reticence in trusting online ad delivery.

Online growth and the vast its abilities to track traffic real-time have led to the algorithms being manipulated by fraudsters.

Commerce being invested in combating such practises has exceeded $45 billion dollars and trust has yet to be reestablished despite the reassurances from financial penalties.

When combined to the fact that ad display is inconsistent and the fact that much in the way of online ads are seen as inconvenient, has prefixed the waning effectiveness in comparison to TV.

Ironically it is these particular means of measuring, targeting and ascertaining which individuals will be interested in your products or services that has forced TV to evolve.

Inherently more stringently regulated in terms of what content can be disseminated, TV has thus far been essentially offering the best of worlds: measurability of audience and their interests, with the display, dependability and scale it has always offered.

Given the security risks and growth of mistrust, should consumer data be disseminated to third parties non-consensually, it is an encouraging precedent that has been set within the US after Vizio’s behaviour.

Relinquishing the financial incentive, as well as the ethical one, ensures that such practises are non-sensical given the mis-trust that has lead digital ad growth being stifled.

Online growth remains vast though with the continuing improvements made to ad display; alternatives to ad blocking or forced viewing with Snapchat and the inherent ability to lower overall costs per sale.

Online working with TV together as they both improve can ensure success.
Online working with TV together as they both improve can ensure success.

However online’s effectiveness has increased dramatically on average when allied to a TV ad campaign.

To get your desired audience to your website and social media channels; viewing your ads, TV is essential to optimise ROI, as well as long-term effectiveness.

Therefore given TV’s ability to ally itself to online, the era of convergence and golden age of advertising is firmly facilitated.

Having the capacity to understand your audience before you take your ad online, or other marketing campaigns for that matter, ensures cost-effectiveness can be consolidated and advertising autonomy can prevail.

Provided that your ad campaign has TV as its foundation, the capacity for long term effectiveness and ROI is enabled.

Space City has been producing award-winning TV ads for 25 years and continues to use its close relationships with media buyers and clearance providers, Guerillascope and Clearcast, to improve the delivery, cost-effectiveness and quality of your ad.

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