Adtease will ensure increased affirmation

5th July 2017

Adtease is a concept seldom used within the advertising world, employing it though elicits resounding results

ADTEASE or segregating your advertising creative into smaller, palatable segments can ensure maximised retention, awareness and sales potential.

Although not an entirely original concept for advertising, your own interoperation of it can provide your business with the emotive platform to instil long-term resonance and advertising efficiency.

For instance the adoption of characters, or at least a narrative that is not closed at end branding has been successfully employed by Compare The Market and the accompanying meerkats.

While e-commerce brands such as Compare The Market enjoy avid success utilising TV advertising (such businesses spend more money on TV than any other), the price comparison giants are the most profitable, with most recent profits standing at £94 million.

Increases in profit of nearly 50% year-to-year are not unprecedented, but high, even for those advertising on TV for the long-term.

What has enchanted the minds of millions using and connecting with the brand since the emergence of Alexander Orlov and his sidekick Sergey, is the emotive bond the two have; it is affirmable and ensures that consumers can relate to the narrative of the ads to their own lives.

In order to evolve this concept and calibrate it further to the digital world, one where the rise in VOD and SVOD has illustrated the very desire consumers have for quality content, there has to be a story-telling tact.

This has been broadly implemented in ubiquity, however the caveat should be that the length of these ads are shortened, leaving greater scope for intrigue while also lowering cost-per-conversions.

Deploying adtease can circumvent the cost and attention issues that blight longer spots and their efficiency.
Deploying adtease can circumvent the cost and attention issues that blight longer spots and their efficiency.

At a time when the consumption of classic 30-second ad spots is declining, with greater choice and the scope to skip ads altogether, taking control and compelling your consumers to engage will provide improved engagement and future retargeting opportunities; securing that immediate resonance is imperative.

Adtease in the form of short-film style narratives will assist with indexing, while also creating the emotive affirmation through cognitive mechanisms.

Although something as short as 10-seconds may lack the penetrative qualities of something compromising of 30-seconds, it can be used from a binding perspective to your advertising strategy once it has been implemented.

A one-off 30-second spot utilising programmatic advertising, which has been enhanced and built-around the power of search, can provide that initial stimulus for your brand image.

The concept of adtease (just our own amalgamation) can accentuate that initial stimulus through the release of dopamine.

Story-telling forms the crux of this means of advertising, by continuing a consistent narrative and leaving every ad without a sense of true closure, the neural-coupling within the brain can ensure personal emotive resonance.

When allied to programmatic advertising too, this form of teasing new elements of the narrative every week or in another modular fashion will ensure that encoding is optimised and consumers can relate your brand to events in their everyday lives.

Thus it is the message you seek to convey that will form the subsequently affect your consumers and how they react to your ads.

If your story is being told or enacted within a certain context, scientific studies by have proven that the ad’s tone will be mirrored and reciprocated in the minds of your consumers.

One of the many techniques that assists with indexing, affirmation and long-term sales increases is the use of celebrity endorsements.

Mobilising your adtease style with celebrities will further improve retention.
Mobilising your adtease style with celebrities will further improve retention.

While expensive they do provide on average 13% increased encoding.

Of course with any increase in average stimuli at call-to-action, the potential to increase this further with more intrinsic or complimentary consumer content that reflects the tone being imparted it tangible.

Thus through the latest optimisation technologies inherent of programmatic or cloud-based advertising you can ensure that the creative and consumer are autonomously matched.

The only work left for your business to do will be to ensure your vision is conceptualised through an adtease format that indexes.

Ensuring that the very metrics that can assist with conveying your desired outcomes is optimised is manifest.

Through utilising the very means of indexing: pauses, breaks, transitions, music, communication, contrast and text to mention the veneer you will produce an intrinsically effective piece of brand response advertising, which increases online activity and sales with increased efficiency.

Space City has been producing TV, online and radio advertising campaigns for 25 years, succeeding with the modular, story-based tact of advertising to deliver sales increases of as much as 600%.

Contact the team now and utilise the adtease prerogative and ensure that you have the potential to elicit sales and monetise your own content.

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