Marketing through TV makes your life easier

18th January 2017

MARKETING Your brand on TV whether you are large or small has never been easier thanks to innovations designed to save you time and money.

TV advertising has been the most reliable and dependable medium for businesses looking to grow and establish themselves in ever saturated market.

During that ongoing 25 year period of supremacy, online ad spend has increased dramatically, yet its reliability has always been brought into question.

In 2017 whether you are marketing a towards a mass audience, or particular niche demographic, you can now systematically control who engages with your ads and why.

The growth of online has been precipitated by the ability to gather and analyse data more granularly, enabling accountability to be more easily distinguished.

Through the raft of metrics and algorithms that online ads have had to track and monitor how consumers watch their ads, resources have been plied at targeting audience more specifically.

Marketing through TV ensures you can truly captivate your chosen audience.
Marketing through TV ensures you can truly captivate your chosen audience.

Traditionally TV has struggled in its singular form to compete which such ability to analyse, focusing on more subjective viewing patterns; age, gender and social demographics.

However with the evolution of TV processes that are now developing organically, akin to online in its burgeoning growth, TV can offer marketeers the data which can be subjectively digested.

Online still carries a degree of uncertainty and ambiguity with its results.

Success has been measured in terms of the degree of impressions and ingestions of the ad,  but accounting sales increases to it is ambiguous given the abilities consumers have to reject or curtail them.

TV marketing now has the ability to deliver autonomous analysis through addressable advertising.

Although this technique breaks from the traditional format of paying for rigid schedules, it does not however lose the steadfast credibility TV has generated over time.

Through addressable, programmatic or interactive advertising you are delivering those targeted consumers something they want to see, not something that could be seen as inconvenience.

Both online and TV marketing campaigns have held a great deal of leverage with annoying the consumer, causing rejection of the product being marketed.

If you are running an unscheduled delivery of ads you are presenting something personalised, a non-predetermined block of air time that could ultimately lead to wasted money.

Essentially this process is initiated as a form of PPC: utilising those who are engaged and interact before cost is incurred.

Such processes on TV have been inhibited in the past due to the inability to ally the software necessary to automate a campaign which is digitally conceived.

By converging the optimal metrics of online to the enhanced user experience and trust of TV, you have a product which will deliver campaigns moulded around your niche.

What has disabled addressable becoming a mainstream means of growing your brand more proficiently with TV is software.

Algorithms have not existed to automate a generalised campaign for niche markets.

By utilising digital TVs, linear itself can be allied to the benefits of addressable in-turn with on-demand and catch-up.

Therefore to maximise this growingly profitable culture which essentially eliminates risk of  ad rejection, the creative and giving the consumer what they want, not what your business thinks they want.

Instilling creative which utilises the very factors that have propelled TV to the credible heights it continues to enjoy, ensures your brand can combine more simplistic, automated reporting.

TV can be elicit the clarity that your brand needs to create engaging marketing.
TV can be elicit the clarity that your brand needs to create engaging marketing.

As a result marketeers and those accountable to growing brand awareness and sales in your company can offer subjective feedback, without need to hypothesise.

With extra time to plan creative thought and how the success of your TV campaign can be extended to your other online platforms, your marketing has complete autonomy and co-dependecy.

Furthermore by having a knowledge of not just what your consumers react to on TV, but why and when, you can create a brand identity which is delivered with confidence.

Factoring in the already esteemed success of TV in comparison to online in itself: 20% more people trust TV, 25% more think it is aesthetically pleasing and brands receive four times the sales lift, TV can grow with your brands not cede to online.

Space City has organically grown with the service it provides, ensuring the process of TV advertising and marketing generally is made an easier, cost-effective and higher quality process.

Contact them now and see what can be provided for you, ensuring your business grows and creates a brand that lasts beyond TV.

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