Adverts: Why do we watch TV?

19th July 2017

Adverts continue to cause contention, inspire and dictate consumer feeling, being impactful though need not be fraught with difficulty.

ADVERTS Are essential for any business as they seek to absorb and immerse a consumer within a brand or product, research though reveals simplistic truths.

Ultimately in the pursuit of accountability, measurability and granular data, myriad businesses have migrated away from the calm and safe shores of TV to the more controlled, yet turbulent confides of online.

While online undoubtably provides unprecedented depths of information about consumers, ensuring that targeting can evolve in real-time to provide programmatic and complimentary solutions for your consumers, how these adverts are consumed though should ensure you focus on TV to enchant your customers.

TV – although improving – still lacks the levels of granular data to provide similarly specific, addressable campaigns that online can deliver, given the limitations with data provided by set-top boxes.

Businesses, broadcasters and third-party data providers are beginning to harness the data necessary to ensure that TV can be appealing to businesses unilaterally once more, although there are more fundamental reasons as to why your business has to utilise TV as its advertising catalyst.

When comparing the very reasons why people go online or watch television for instant, the conclusions that are drawn are stark, yet unsurprising when you consider the trust that TV inherent generates.

Notwithstanding the regulation that consumes the adverts that you view on TV – and not online – the emotive reasoning for seeking out TV is one of the crucial factors maintaining its advertising superiority.

Adverts that are displayed either unilaterally on TV, or at least form the catalyst of a campaign, are trusted by 20% more of the public than that of campaigns originally associated with online.

With your adverts on TV you can automatically resonate more organically with consumers.
With your adverts on TV you can automatically resonate more organically with consumers.

Moreover through the very means of being of having your business displayed on TV as a whole, you benefit from the emotive mindsets that can assist and further lever resonation and affirmation – vital to both brand and direct response.

A study by Thinkbox, the commercial television marketing association, found that TV as a form of cathartics is a necessity for human emotive satisfaction.

The main reasons cited for watching TV were to unwind, for comfort, to connect, for an experience, to escape and to indulge.

In this context then as you seek to enchant consumers through your adverts and product, utilising the state of mind of individuals will serve to benefit you more pertinently than with online.

Thus with your consumers in a more relaxed and impressionable mindset delivering adverts, showcasing – as appose to selling – your products can be fulfilled in a complimentary fashion to standard cognitive behaviour.

Considering that more than half of all the most viewed programs on TV currently comprise of news bulletins or non-fictional topics, it may seem ironic given the emotive reasons for connecting with TV.

However when linking this research to the knowledge we already have concerning those who trust TV, it is not surprising that your consumers flock to TV to ingest fact; looking to TV for affirmation as the media conduit it trusts.

Furthermore when compared to online, where the conscious desire has been proven to embody routes of interaction and engagement, adverts there are more disruptive and not intrinsic to the media experience.

Although display has improved with online, measurement also in relation to understanding of true consumption, video is often circumvented by ad blocking or non-ingestion.

Ensure your adverts are placed on TV to maximise efficiency and enchant your consumers.
Ensure your adverts are placed on TV to maximise efficiency and enchant your consumers.

83% of online users have stated they flock to online for the flexibility it provides: watching what they want, when they want.

Adverts on TV by contrast form an accepted element of the TV viewing experience, while if placed and formulated with cognitive thought in mind, can ensure lasting and lucrative connections with consumers as a result.

Conversation drives subconscious emotive resonance, therefore by initiating this within your adverts you can systematically ensure assimilation during and after your ads thanks to another of TV’s nuances.

Of those watching TV, 54% are watching with more than one person ensuring that the power of your advertising instantly goes further, while single viewers accounts for 70% of VOD viewing.

Therefore as you look at the mediums you are advertising on, the core reasons for your consumers utilising should bear the greatest pertinence to your marketing strategy.

With consumers looking for escapism with TV, your adverts can provide the connotational links that foster the faith and trust in your business.

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