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10th April 2017

AGENCIES have long been maligned by many for their procrastination and dalliance, but trusting an efficient one will ensure you deliver further success.

As was highlighted by Campaign Magazine, the tendency for businesses to look for an agency or production company who will bring their brand vision to life is counter productive, seeking one which creates the vision to bring your business to life is imperative.

Therefore the credentials of a company should be analysed far more pragmatically, as appose to the ability to appear either more amiable or inclined to your own creative ideas.

Ultimately you are seeking the professional assistance of an agency or productions company to deliver the most effective campaign possible, with the greatest efficiency, not simply to obsequiously pander to your requests.

If you are seeking to deliver a campaign simply to be cost-effective, then in-house development will always be less cost accentuated.

However by choosing to have your ad production delivered by a contracted company, you are veritably conceding that you are trusting a professional to deliver a specialist, expert piece of creative and expertise.

Agencies although more costly in nature than using in-house production, deliver content objectively and contextually ensuring that your ad has the longevity and ROI capabilities seldom seen in-house.

Therefore if you are investing in a TV or online ad to enhance your brand resonance and sales potential, allow agencies to understand your brand first, before they present ideas.

Agencies will take the time to understand you and create a conceptual, symbolic idea that lasts.
Agencies will take the time to understand you and create a conceptual, symbolic idea that lasts.

If you suggest ideas for them to embellish creatively, you will be delivered a superior piece of content, but it will ultimately be compromised due to the psychology you as a business will be descended from: a corporate and aesthetically centric one.

The importance of context, emotion and originality are incomparable to the success of your advertising, particularly in the modern day.

If you are interpreting your ad’s success from a corporate perspective it will be a professional one, something that will not emotively stimulate your potential consumers.

In order to deliver a campaign that will be memorable, cost-effective and deliver long-term sales increases, your ad/s need to inhabit emotional context.

Although your business is ultimately a professional one, something not be spun into a trivial enterprise, the rapport that is generated between you and your consumers is something that cognitively will not be generated through the sterile nature of corporate.

Ads that focus on persuading their consumers through marketing text and pure fact endure less than half the success of emotive ads.

While your business undoubtably has an emotive core, you will not have the experience of delivering such an ethos in the context of a piece of creative content: agencies live for this practice.

For instance as you examine the credentials of agencies or production companies, it should be experience they have in delivering content that works and amount of repeat business they generate.

Although you may have an excellent relationship with your creative agency, producing commercials you may find pleasing, it does not conflate to success.

No ad will unilaterally appeal to every individual, thus the exponential growth in online consumption has benefited from the sophistication of targeting.

Conversely TV has evolved to incorporate similar metrics of media buying and analysis to provide the perfect advertising platform for your business.

Agencies like Space City work with media buyers to ensure your content is optimised to succeed now and in the future.
Agencies like Space City work with media buyers to ensure your content is optimised to succeed now and in the future.

The defining criteria of your ads, notwithstanding the ultimate financial success of it, is the   level of KPIs it delivers on: does it entertain? Is it inspiring or aspirational? Does it engage? Is it original? Does it encourage consumers to immerse themselves in your brand?

If you are not fundamentally performing and delivering on these metrics your ad is neither emotive or engaging.

Agencies ensure that your ad is contextually, cognitively and emotionally resonating with your consumers to foster future sales and growth.

Although you do not need to necessarily invest cataclysmic sums of money to harbour success, the need to utilise a credible, successful and intrinsically intuitive agency is manifest for your success.

Amid the ongoing Brexit uncertainty and the increasing tightening of consumer budgets and spending, the chance of your ads succeeding in the long-term is dependant on content that is memorable and easily recognisable online.

While TV is the greatest interest generator, throughout the conversion process online will ultimate be the most efficient harvester of consumers, as you shift your tact from entertaining to delivering credible solutions for them.

TV advertising allied to online is 70% more effective than just TV utilised on its own, ensuring that your next campaign can will be stronger when developed expertly with language, aesthetics, semiotics and context in mind.

Space City has been producing TV, online and radio adverts for 25 years, delivering up to 600% ROI in some cases.

Contact the team now and allow your advertising to spawn into creative content that does more than just generate sales.

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