Agency costs will come down

12th September 2017

Amid the rise in competition across advertising as a whole, agency costs will decline as the power of supply and demand proliferates quality not budget

AGENCY Leaders will be gripped by anxiety as advertising autonomy becomes ubiquitous, ensuring they embody the creative nous you desire is imperative.

As you seek an advertising agency that suits your business, one that delivers the advertising concept that can propel your brand into industry folklore, the parameters of your own search should be based on their ability to optimise their own content among other factors.

While of course credibility, credentials and provenance ensure that your business is in potentially safe hands from an advertising perspective, a clear understanding of their own identity and purpose should be manifest to illustrate to your business that an overriding competence is prevalent.

With a surfeit of agencies all providing their own niche specialities and creative visions, the determining factor of which agency or production company your business should seek should be objectively sought.

Although many agencies have produced some of the most renowned advertising of all time, the ability to shape your business in a continually evolving landscape should be judged upon their own ability to change, notwithstanding the aforementioned internal creative flair online.

In an industry that even through TV itself is subsequently impacted by the leverage that online and data have, not driving creative towards the optimisation of these future platforms on the journey constitutes failure; as you look to match your business with the most prudent agency or production company.

With the awareness from your business’ point-of-view of the level of versatility and depth of the varying agencies that exist, the potential for competition to ignite innovation and success if rife.

Loyalty of course is not a negative when related to your content production, but ensuring that your agency – if on a retainer for instance – is clearly trying to evolve and provide value for money is imperative towards diminishing complacency and broadening your appeal.

Ensuring your agency is accountable to its proclamations is crucial to your sales development.
Ensuring your agency is accountable to its proclamations is crucial to your sales development.

The inhibitions of social media for instance when attempt to build your brand and foster rapport, is the fact that you cannot really upscale without any fresh emotive stimuli that exists aside from the internal social media posts.

With TV advertising and the increasingly targeted metrics on offer from VOD, programmatic online placement and addressable TV, you can ensure you are targeting those who are currently not engaged with your content.

Through simple social media engagement you are only serving to harvest your existing client or potential client base, not nurturing new consumers on your brand journey.

Some agencies claim to be socially driven, built towards harvesting CRM and boosting engagement through their online competence.

While this is more of what you should be looking to obtain in a saturated online network, the need for your potential agency to be able to showcase these very qualities in their own website and marketing is imperative.

If for instance your agency claims to be an online stimulating one, you should look to their own rankings in Google – without ads of course.

If it is particularly weak in ranking when compared to industries who do not claim such competencies, it should place into doubt your belief in this agency.

With competition heightened by the lack of true credibility to any claims made, agencies and production companies can strive to boost their own services, not the quality of their marketing.

The key for any company or agency is to consistently strive for superiority, not its claims.
The key for any company or agency is to consistently strive for superiority, not its claims.

Ultimately the focus of any advertising campaign, even for the agencies themselves, is driven towards showcasing the merits or innovative features of a product or service, therefore this should be no different with those behind the creatives.

With increased competition the price will ultimately go down, until such a point where a service may be so superior that demand ensures that prices increase once more.

In this instance complete autonomy is initiated within your advertising – not just the creative directions, but your data sources, placement and measurability can all be assured without any external influence.

Having complete control over your advertising destiny ensures that you equally compare and appraise the production companies, media buying strategies and data sources that you may seek to use.

With such control you can lower your advertising costs to continue to paradigm shift back to the consumer and away from the complacent agency.

As a result of this increase in competition, the capitalism as appose to nepotism will enable your business to flourish; regardless of its size or age.

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