Awareness vital for investment and growth

25th September 2017

If you want to ensure of scaled business growth, accountability and investment potential, the need for credible, trusted advertising and data sources is manifest for awareness

AWARENESS Is being increasingly dismissed by some businesses as they look to differentiate from competitors: that though is vital for growth.

Advertising has shifted in its cultural, social and business significance over the decades; more than ever though you need to prioritise generating awareness to increase trust, resonance and memorability.

Although Eat Natural’s prerogative has been to avoid the advertising sphere – focusing on an anonymity and product values to foster loyalty – it does not breed additional growth and resonance.

With no reason to utilise a new product other than curiosity, your business is relying on impulse spend and word-of-mouth appraisal to develop and increase sales.

While at a low level this can ensure of localised success and growth; on transient, tourist based levels for instant, you will not broaden your reach consistently to instil faith from a fiscal and professional prospective.

A lack of certainty over sales projections, expected growth and the optimisation of transient consumer spending periods will only stymie your business – regardless of size and age.

Through prospecting and raising awareness through brand and direct response advertising you can ensure both your business’s and overall economic growth can be optimised.

Influencing the minds of consumers is key to providing the complimentary advertising that is now available to businesses in ubiquity.

Through penetrating consumer loyalty, stimulating minds in both a brand and response sense, you can ensure that the power of competition and creative concert once again takes precedence.

Advertising of a bygone age was inherently flawed, but ensured creativity flourished and thoughts were provoked.

The intelligence of the consumer was complimented too; marketing material was embossed in semiotics that could stimulate thoughts and initiate sales.

Awareness has been the cornerstone of business growth for eternity. Ensuring this is optimised emotively is key.
Awareness has been the cornerstone of business growth for eternity. Ensuring this is optimised emotively is key.

Amidst the rise in accountability, sophistication of placement and usage of data to provide consumer relevance, honesty and trust has been haemorrhaged.

Although not the fault of your business, the unpredictability of online placement at times; notwithstanding the rise in fake news and controversial content online, has ensured that some businesses have rightly reconfigured their advertising output.

For your business though the impetus should not be a complete withdrawal from advertising to reenergise the trust between your consumers and your business, but an evaluation of the advertising content you disseminate and where, to raise awareness.

Advertising as a whole has been enduring reduced consumer trust in correlation with the emergence of online as an advertising: accountability has been improved, but sales efficiency has not.

While this cannot be directly conflated to a decline in trust, the shift towards more persuasive ads on TV to compensate for the accountability of online, which has invigorated the overall advertising market as a whole, has led to TV abandoning its USP: being able to assert emotive leverage.

Trust is gained through more than just facts for instance – as Eat Natural have attested.

There reasoning for not developing any advertising campaigns has been derived from their brand itself: not being disruptive and to placate a consumer base annoyed at being preached to.

These sentiments are wholly true and should be heeded by all businesses and marketers within it; what needs to change though is the tone of your advertising: ensure of greater contextual and emotive focus, while avoiding persuasion and selling per se.

Awareness needs to be content driven, not promotion or sales driven: the association needs to linked subliminal and immersed in the sub-conscious, as well as at end branding.

Generate awareness that is inspiring, socially empowering and celebratory of your niche.
Generate awareness that is inspiring, socially empowering and celebratory of your niche.

Mobile, online and social media display and banner ads are the least trusted advertising outputs, underpinning the intrusiveness that has blighted advertising in an unusual paradox.

In an attempt to readdress declining sales, TV adverts and marketers have resorted to mimicking their online counterparts, when simply innovating, inspiring and entertaining consumers could provide the awareness that will boost short and long-term sales.

Therefore being bereft of advertising entirely will not only stymie the progress of your own business, but the resulting idleness will ensure that the economy as a whole will weaken.

Awareness generated – especially that of the branded variety – ensures you can cement long-term business growth.

From a growth prospective in the literal sense, you can be more competently equipped to showcase the potential of your business, its sales and potential consumer base with a brand and advertising vision; one which compares campaigns, data accrued and the shift in sales.

Sales themselves have been improved by as much as 600% in some cases within Space City, while profits can increase by as much as 140% with a three-year TV advertising presence.

By complimenting your consumers’ desire for gratification from an emotive context, combined with the awareness utilising the media generates, you will be able to optimise your branding, rhetoric and tone to compliment your consumers – ultimately you have the data to control your own destiny.

Space City has been producing TV, online and radio adverts for 25 years, providing advertising for Moonpig that ensured the then start-up could be sold for £120 million.

Contact the team now and ensure your ROI is increased and advertising costs are lowered with advertising that stimulates long-term growth.

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