Claimhunters launches first ever TV advert

7th August 2018

Leading claims management company, Claimhunters, has produced its first ever TV commercial production

CLAIMHUNTERS has launched its first ever TV commercial with the UK’s most cost-effective TV advertising production company, Space City.

The 30-second advert is entirely animated and has been created in the direct response to mould to induce instant sales uplifts, while also engraining brand.

Featuring a despondent character, Steve, who struggles to see other people succeed in successfully applying for PPI claims, the ad looks at truly subverting the initial malaise.

Underscored by the problem/solution approach, contrast is showcased within the same opening shot of Steve and those revelling in their new found wealth.

In order to showcase the services of Claimhunters, while also creating an aspirational premise for the ad to thrive, the company’s website was shown on a phone screen and fully immersed in the creative.

Claimhunters DRTV commercial production from Space City featuring animated character, Steve
Claimhunters is one of the only companies offering an online-only service – this is showcased in the DRTV commercial.

As well as illustrating the process of claiming with the business, the ad sought to evoke other investigative connotations by paying deference to Sherlock Holmes and the aspiration of assimilating with evocative elements of popular culture.

With no dialogue in the ads, a voiceover was used to lead consumer thought and ensure that the context of what was being portrayed was both unequivocal and trustworthy.

The ads are set for an initial test during the second half of August 2018, joining fellow Watford-based Space City client, CGON on national TV.

Claimhunters is one of the only PPI claims management companies that is online only, ensuring that the USP was easily conveyed during the 30-second creative through the integration of the online process during the DRTV advertising production.

Space City has been delivering TV, online and radio advertising productions for over 25 years, while being the UK’s number one producer of TV commercials since 2000.

Watch the new Claimhunters TV advertising production below and find out more about Space City’s award-winning advertising, versioning, post-production, transmission and clearance services by navigating to our about us page.

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