Consumer stability ensures DRTV success

3rd August 2017

With interest rates set to remain stagnant once more, the success of your DRTV is protected amidst increasing certainty for your consumer base

CONSUMER Spending dominates many a company’s decision making process, maximising stability and partnering with financial authorities is vital.

With interest rates set to remain at 0.25% for the next quarter, the short and medium term stability for your business and consumers can ensure maximum DRTV impetus.

Although pertinent contemporarily, the Bank of England’s decision should be heeded through any period of fiscal stability or buoyancy.

While not ideal for overall economic growth, the lack of certainty concerning growth amidst the ongoing Brexit talks is ensuring that fiscal authority is unwilling to incentivise savings at a time where productivity and growth is compromised.

Constant reverberations of doom maybe all that can be heard financially at the moment, but the overall improvements in terms of exports and tourism ensure that your business can maximise the latest trends to facilitate new areas for growth.

Data-driven advertising is enjoying remarkable success for businesses and broadcasters, ensuring increased competition, higher ROI and lower advertising costs.

While traditional TV as we know it remains successful, particularly when delivering allied campaigns that are brand driven, the need to ensure it is at least focused in a programmatic and addressable sense in tertiary broadcasts is crucial.

Having the knowledge of when certain individuals or segments have been engaged ensures you can remove display to those groups and maximise your spend, improve efficiency and eliminate waste.

Consumer knowledge has improved to such a level that you can optimise your campaigns in real-time.
Consumer knowledge has improved to such a level that you can optimise your campaigns in real-time.

Your consumer base therefore should be a constantly evolving CRM system and not something to be looked at generically.

Depending on whether your campaigns are response intensive or brand driven should determine who should be targeted, while that primary data should be permanently aligned to your brand outcomes, ensuring that only those within your consumer base who have yet to be enchanted by the ad will be broadcast it.

Of course this system is fundamentally juxtaposed to the format, certainty and clarity of display that linear TV provides, but the ability to base the ads on bidding and server-side derived metrics ensure that you can implement such a measure through linear.

Although more easily calibrated to VOD and other forms of digital TV services, Fox is one broadcaster firmly committed to interactive, data-driven linear TV.

While not revolutionary and exclusive to TV, the ability for this means of advertising to interact with your consumers utilising it as appose to online services, ensures that improved efficiency and resonation will be present.

The consumption of such means of advertising has increased by 150% during the last year, while 50% more businesses are now using converged advertising to reach their consumer base compared to 2016.

Ultimately this ensures your business can enjoy the benefits of TV including emotive prowess, credibility, regulation and scale, without the pitfalls in accountability and optimisation.

Thus with interest rates remaining as they have been for the previous quarter, the leverage of your DRTV can not be impaired by any shift in fiscal operation.

Moreover your business can also maximise the factor of credibility, utilising the fundamentality pro-business, entrepreneurial and capitalist underpinnings of Britain to further distinguish your company from your competitors.

Particularly within times where credit is more easily attainable, the promoting finance deals has been ubiquitously popular, although tempered with words of warning by the Bank of England.

Through the regulation or celebration of any partnerships from regulators or those in positions of credibility, your business can placate your consumer base and encourage sales through those such persuasive means.

With greater authority and credibility to inform your consumer base your sales success can flourish.
With greater authority and credibility to inform your consumer base your sales success can flourish.

Of course persuasion as a leveraging force in advertising is firmly a shadow of its former self, with emotion and entertainment the key leveraging force within advertising presently.

While showcasing products is often the most lucrative means of eliciting DRTV-derived sales, infusing these factual elements with the emotive ones will ensure you provide the clear distinction, notwithstanding the affirmative qualities that will propel your ad to long-standing sales success.

For instance if you are providing finance for a particular product or service you offer, augmenting your ads with the businesses that carry influence in the financial sector is imperative.

As you compete for the collaborations that provide the most lucrative results, competition between banks, regulators and credit brokers will intensify.

Before prices can decline though your business needs to be the one to take the initial gamble – prices may not be favourable initially, but the long term results will ensure you flourish.

With a consumer base that is satisfied through both credibility, fiscal consistency and emotive resonation, your business will be competently equipped to ascend to the pinnacle of your market.

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