Data driven advertising will lower costs

19th April 2017

DATA Is continuing to shape the way we advertise as the shift to data driven, targeted advertising facilitates increased access to TV.

While a derivative of online, it is paradoxically an innovation that can only be truly exploited by the seemingly rival entity that is TV.

Moreover TV itself is dependant on the success and implementation of transparent, credible and attributable means of display and analysis within online to improve its own reach in future campaigns.

As the clamour for entertaining or inspirational content that resonates emotively comes to the fore, the shift to branded content does not have to mean the neglect of targeted, data intrinsic advertising.

The antithesis in fact is pertinent to successful, cost-effective ad curation in the current age.

Within a continually evolving paradigm where the shift towards personalisation, voice recognition and laser tracking within digital, the clamour towards providing bespoke content that can provide audience which is likely to purchase is manifest.

Consequently the success of more linear, brand and DRTV content that is disseminated via TV has been underestimated.

While remaining pivotal to the short and long-term success of businesses of all sizes, the lack of realtime attribution and actionable data has lead to an ever increasing online spend.

Data driven advertising will ensure you can marry  the power of TV with the measurability of digital.
Data driven advertising will ensure you can marry the power of TV with the measurability of digital.

While the effectiveness of online is eclipsed by TV, with 51% of all optimum business effects accrued by TV, the ad spend for TV accounts for 36% of overall budgets.

Therefore with the priority shifting with both marketers and consumers towards personalised content, stimuli that could be engaged with in a complimentary fashion to when consumers are looking to purchase offers unbridled appeal to businesses and marketers.

However amid the post-Brexit vote the expected decline in consumer spending did not materialise, with low interest rates precluding any shift towards saving.

As a result the unceasing rise in online ad spend continued, while success of DRTV and branded content continued un-abating.

However amid more potentially stable fiscal patterns post-election on June 8, business confidence, strength of currency and wages should ultimately increase in line with inflation.

Therefore with a more stable, potentially stabilised economy amid the certainty of having a steadfast fiscal plan for five years as appose to three, interest rates will rise in tandem, precipitating a rise in consumer savings.

Consequently the rise in data driven advertising, focusing on the individual or language that resonates with those interested in a given product or service can prove more lucrative.

Although linear DRTV will enjoy a renaissance of sorts, the data driven means of attracting your consumers through TV will provide more risk averse solutions, particularly if you are looking to tether your advertising spend.

Given the success of corresponding PPC campaigns to both your sales increases and inventory gathering, eliminating this element from your marketing portfolio would be detrimental, especially in a brand awareness sense too.

Thus to provide a conservative approach that can be actuated and deliver to a specific output of person specification, at a prescribed time that correlates with your data, utilising interactive, addressable and programmatic means can offer the best of both scenarios without the risk of not delivering.

By choosing this means- especially as a first-time TV advertiser- you not only will have the optimal gauge of what content resonates and elicits sales, but when it does and how it does so.

Furthermore the unrivalled inventory that can be generated and used within your CRM will assist with further KPI achievement online.

Additionally such data and knowledge in the form of an initial test will assist with the curation of any future data driven, addressable campaigns or whether a more linear campaign would be beneficial.

Data driven ad campaigns will facilitate the ability to grow your inventory and attribute success realtime.
Data driven ad campaigns will facilitate the ability to grow your inventory and attribute success realtime.

While the core benefits of this technique though are to essentially create the levels of control and transparency seen within online campaigns, allying this technique to TV ensures that the upscaling and multiplier effect on and offline will occur.

Therefore unlike online where content originating from there provides further engagement in 14% of cases, TV provides it in 53%, ensuring that the credibility of TV still ensures a degree of upscaling despite the more personalised metrics of this technique of advertising.

Through this means you can tether your reach and ad spend proportionately, ensuring that regardless of the success of the campaign you can determine how much you spend and how successful your commercials can be.

Particularly if you are a start-up or SME, often the upscaling on offer from linear TV can be so great you do not have the feasibility to keep up with increased demand, with data driven, interactive advertising you dictate with your media buyer when and where your ad displayed.

As a result TV remains relevant to all businesses, with 75% of those utilising interactive means new to TV completely.

Thus to improve your KPIs and sales as a whole online, your campaign will need to be augmented by TV, enabling your online operations to harvest your data.

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