Directing key to successful advertising

23rd August 2017

Directing is oft overlooked when producing advertising campaigns, when looking to instil memorability though its impact is invaluable

DIRECTING Is an imperative element of advertising that underpins the very tone and consistency of your commercials: risk declining sales if neglected.

With the emphasis on online advertising for many companies; banner ads for instance that focus on display and retargeting, the curation of advertising content that looks to embody the content associated with it has been neglected.

While for counter-productive reasons, ones where only arbitrary arguments could support, the crux of the shift was instigated by the striving for expedited and more measurable advertising.

Some of the world’s leading brands now advertising solely online, with TV consigned to their history: a mistake they will ultimately suffer for.

The naysayers and sceptics of television advertising have been boosted by many facts that are ultimately transient: the overriding sales success elicited through TV that is conceived through long-term brand awareness.

Although results may not be directly accountable to your TV or branded display advertising, an employment of scientific thought is imperative for maximising the panacea of efficient advertising.

With the advocation and proliferation in the usage of addressable and programatic advertising, the scope is facilitated more than ever to create singularly subjective ad campaigns that cease to confuse of disrupt.

Ad placement has been mooted as the imperative driving force behind the increases in digital ad purchasing and consumption, but it is the very lack of guarantees in this instance that is driving many back to TV and its data-driven, addressable iterations.

How does this relate to the power of directing though?

Given the lack of shift away from linear TV advertising, concurrent with the increase in VOD and SVOD viewing, it underlines the fact that overall media consumption is increasing too.

With more consumers enjoying media through TV and beyond, creative investment should be in the ascendency to fund strong directing.
With more consumers enjoying media through TV and beyond, creative investment should be in the ascendency to fund strong directing.

As a result the creative shift should not be to one that encapsulate less visceral, tactile human interaction and contact, but more so.

Increasing volumes of consumers are not choosing to watch subscription service programming from providers like Netflix and Amazon Prime because of the ads themselves, it is where they are placed.

The clamour for convenience has permeated beyond the confines of just businesses themselves, but to consumers too.

The gradual evolution of what can be accessed online has ensured that from a cognitive point-of-view it resembles a means of being informed; at convenience.

However with linear TV and on-demand the tendency is deviated to more of relaxed state-of-mind, one that can be more easily influenced and entertained – in both senses – by your consumers.

Therefore the impetus needs to stem from the directing of your adverts themselves.

The behaviour, body language and tone of your content, in terms of how it is intimated to your consumers is vital.

Therefore the presence of experienced, objective directing that has experience in conceptualising an eclectic array of scenarios is vital.

With more companies businesses choosing to operate in-house – or worse move completely online like Adidas – the presence or exposure of quality directing will be overlooked.

Through the myriad distractions that exist amidst online viewing, the chances of your ad being consumed entirely are perilously low, while the desired context may be missed amidst varying screen qualities, volumes, internet speeds and other media.

Of ads displayed on Facebook for instance, including video, only 17% are actually consumed in their entirety, while pre-rolled YouTube ads are often skipped and blocked.

With low efficiency consuming some elements of online, strong directing can only be truly rewarded through TV.
With low efficiency consuming some elements of online, strong directing can only be truly rewarded through TV.

While this of course can be analysed by your business, it either denotes a lack of directing exploitation or oversight completely if this eventuality should occur.

Through the optimisation of directors, ones who have varied and eclectic showreels, you can optimise TV in all its forms, ensuring that your encoding, indexing and affirmation with the consumer is assured.

Encompassing the remit of the director includes the factors including body language, tone, location and overall symbolic execution, without complimentary focus on all of those then your ad will ultimately lose efficiency.

With only 7% of the impact your advertising makes on a consumer (Lead Forensics, 2017) due to spoken words and the words themselves, the importance of context and portrayal are unequivocal.

Through the amelioration of body language and tone of voice, which accounts for 55 and 38% respectively for the impact your advertising has, you can enjoy adverts on TV which are 14 times as strong as ones without directing cues online.

Therefore from an analytical perspective, you can directly reap the rewards of well directed TV ads; without such an impact on sales, conversions or overall business improvements your ad has failed to instil clarity in advertising.

While not pertinent wholly to more branded ads, the faith of your marketing teams needs to be placed once more in long-term branding, something that can incorporate an immortal message, impenetrable by transient economic or social issues.

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