DRTV: How to get instant sales uplifts

24th February 2017

DRTV has been an erstwhile success during the course of TV advertising’s various evolutions: now it can help you access increased sales for less.

Commercials that seek to elicit instant responses from consumers are often used by businesses of various guises, as they publicise new promotions or seek immediate sales uplifts.

DRTV is the most most cost-effective means of achieving responses per-paid-spot, which ensures that you can maximise your ROI.

Although long-term brand campaigns do yield greater long-term efficiency, if your business is more seasonal, transient or selective in how business is accrued, then DRTV will save on costs.

Additionally the instant uplift in sales that DRTV generates is through its ability to differ from branded campaigns.

If you are looking to access an already saturated market, or ultimately affect a consumer’s spending habits, utilising emotive techniques of appealing to your audience will seldom yield an optimal response.

Ultimately you are looking at more practical matters when you attempt to utilise DRTV.

Often within the most heavily saturated hours of TV viewing, those watching are looking to be entertained and not make potentially imperative financial decisions.

Ensuring your DRTV ad offers distinct call-to-actions and promotions is crucial, as appose to branding.
Ensuring your DRTV ad offers distinct call-to-actions and promotions is crucial, as appose to branding.

Therefore DRTV lends itself to more cost-effective broadcast periods or buying patterns- certainly more flexible ones where you can target your desired audience.

Over the last few years the alternatives to traditional direct response media buying, which would have encapsulated ‘off-peak’ broadcast slots within day-time TV, have been sprawling.

This has facilitated the possibility of increasing your sales figures, profitability, measurability and ROI.

Addressable advertising for instance captures the ultimate ideal for direct response advertising: reaching relevant individuals who can be persuaded in the correct context.

Thus amid a scenario where you cannot dictate the exact timing of your ads being displayed, it may seem un-wise to commit to one clear narrative.

However given the very nature of direct response, whereby it is the information that will engage the consumer, ensuring that information is compelling enough to elicit that instant response is integral.

Creating an aspirational context to your ad will always be beneficially and ensuring that they are contextually immersed will ensure that they understand the benefit on offer.

Within the vast inventories and prospecting metrics that now exist within smart-TVs, companies like Sky and data conduits, you can ensure that you are delivering an ad that will only been seen by your chosen audience.

By purchasing inventory, as appose to actual airtime you are essentially paying as-you-impact, ensuring your spend is quantifiable realtime to any conversions or sales as a result of the ad.

Of course using traditional media buying means, in terms of buying time periods you could quantify your increases in sales to TV with reports offered to you by your media buyer, but the cost would be greater before you have an understanding of your optimum audience.

With addressable and Sky AdSmart you are only engaging those consumers who match the inventories of those who have purchased similar products, increasing your chances of commandeering sales from your rivals.

Of those utilising AdSmart, 75 per cent of them are new to TV advertising, underlining the growing accessibility of DRTV advertising through the increasingly targeted metrics.

By essentially waiting for your consumers, as appose to you hoping they respond, you can shape your campaigns to resonate and be relatable across the demographics you ultimately advertise to.

Conversely, because your spend is more easily accountable, you can ensure you install a call-to-action that will elicit responses online or over the phone that can be developed accordingly with those people.

DRTV ads can be more specifically targeted, ensuring you can elicit more sales.
DRTV ads can be more specifically targeted, ensuring you can elicit more sales.

Semantics and the overall interpretation of language is intrinsic to the success of the campaign- therefore providing future engagement paths that link to them will ensure you improve ROI.

With call-to-actions that appeal to people at times that are relevant to them, the added immersion that can be garnered from this will ensure you enjoy more fervent sales increases.

Most importantly though, while you will be increasingly your sales quickly and accordance with your promotion or campaign, it is tethered to an extent.

Within generic media buying you could potentially intercept other exterior consumers that may not have been obviously interested in your product, but our subsequently beguiled by it.

To eliminate this threat you target and manually tether your own growth to ensure you can satisfy those you are marketing to sufficiently.

Space City has produced an abundance of DRTV commercials for businesses large and small, ensuring they secure sales increases quickly.

Contact the team now and see how easily you can get your company on TV and enjoying up to 600 per cent ROI.





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